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Smart Thermostat Programs and San Antonio Solar

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

Smart thermostats have become all the rage these days, especially in cities like San Antonio, where the heat can cause large-scale power outages. While smart thermostats are an easy sell, it is a no-brainer for homeowners impacted by these outages. Smart thermostats make life a little more convenient because they help people conserve energy and decrease […]

How To Decrease the Cost of Electricity in Texas

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

Being a homeowner is an expensive ordeal for Texans. All the little things we want — and need — quickly add up. Everything from travel expenses and food to a roof over our heads costs money. Since living in San Antonio is expensive, people have to think outside the box to save money.  One area where […]

ERCOT’s Energy Emergency Alert and Solar

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) knew that the summer of 2019 would be hot. They, however, weren’t prepared for the August heat. On Aug. 13, 2019, ERCOT issued a level 1 energy emergency alert. It then continued a couple of days later. Across the state, there were sporadic outages, and ERCOT couldn’t seem to keep it […]

Solar Savings and San Antonio Utilities

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

Although solar is a better energy source than fossil fuels, it does have its disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that solar panels can’t produce power all the time. Finding the true cost of solar means taking a look at solar and its dependence on utilities. The True Cost of Solar Panels For many, the investment […]

Bandera Electric Cooperative & Texas Solar

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

When it comes to getting solar, your utility plays a large role in what options are available. This is largely due to the fact that they become your backup power source. Utility incentive programs and metering policies play a large role in solar acquisition. Solar Incentives for Bandera Electric Cooperative Customers Bandera Electric Cooperative doesn’t […]

Quick Guide to San Antonio Electricity Companies

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

Although CPS services most of San Antonio it doesn’t serve everyone. If you live on the outskirts of San Antonio you may have a different electric provider. Utilities in the San Antonio Area: Bexar County and Beyond Bexar County, which covers most of San Antonio, uses CPS services. There are, however, seven surrounding counties serviced […]

GVEC’s 2020 Solar Programs & Incentives

Utilities & San Antonio Solar

Utility providers determine solar options, especially in places like the greater San Antonio area, where electricity is mostly regulated. Most individuals in San Antonio use CPS Energy. However, there are other, non-regulated utilities in the greater San Antonio area.  Those who live on the outskirts of Bexar County have cooperatives that provide their utility services. GVEC […]

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