Certification Requirements for San Antonio Solar Installers

San Antonio Solar

In the solar industry, solar professionals hold themselves to industry-wide standards. Professionals that meet these standards receive industry-recognized North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certifications. These certifications tell the world that the professional has the skills to meet the needs and expectations of the profession. This certification, however, isn’t the only certification that quality solar […]

Is San Antonio Residential Solar Worth It?

San Antonio Solar

Because of the push for more solar, installations have popped up everywhere. For Texans, however, the choice to invest in something isn’t determined by popularity. Texans don’t follow blindly like a bunch of sheep off a cliff. Instead, we carve our paths and make our unique brand stand out in the crowd. That is why […]

ERCOT’s Energy Emergency Alert and Solar

San Antonio Solar and Utility Companies

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) knew that this summer would be hot. They, however, weren’t prepared for the August heat. On Aug. 13, 2019, ERCOT issued a level 1 energy emergency alert. It was then followed by another one two days later. Across the state, there have been sporadic outages, and ERCOT can’t seem to keep […]

Comparing Your Energy Needs to the Average San Antonio Home

San Antonio Solar

Electricity use is dependent on the area the home is in. Large homes in moderate climates need the same or less energy as small homes in extreme climates. San Antonio Texas is known for its extremely hot weather and winters that aren’t much better. These weather conditions increase Texans household energy use. Over 80 percent […]

Why Backyard Solar Panels Make Sense

San Antonio Solar

Not every San Antonio home qualifies for solar, but that doesn’t mean your yard won’t. If rooftop solar isn’t a good fit for your home, ground mounts may be a viable option. Here are some of the situations that make ground mounts worth considering. The reason ground mounts are a popular option for homeowners with […]

San Antonio Solar Shades: Maximizing Their Use

San Antonio Solar

Solar shades are a great addition to any San Antonio home. They allow you to block heat while still enjoying the view. The best part about solar shades, however, is that they help save energy, which in turn saves money. If you want to take full advantage of your solar shades, there are some things […]

Texas’s Most Overlooked Reason to Go Solar

San Antonio Solar Incentives

In order to get the most you possibly can out of solar, you need to take advantage of all your available incentives. Texas solar incentives are largely dependent on your state renewable energy policy. Let’s take a look at the major solar policy determinants in Texas. Texas Solar Panel Laws In Texas, the electric market […]

San Antonio, TX Solar Savings Calculator

San Antonio Solar

Although the top producer of wind energy, San Antonio is known for being a sunshine state. In fact, San Antonio panels at an average tilt at latitude (ATaL) receive an average of 5.21 kWh/m2/day. Whether solar is a good option for you, however, is dependent on a variety of factors. Solar calculators will give you […]

Solar Savings and San Antonio Utilities

San Antonio Solar and Utility Companies

Although solar is a better energy source it does have its disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that solar panels can’t produce power all the time. Finding the true cost of solar means taking a look at solar and its dependence on utilities. The True Cost of Solar Panels For many, the investment of solar doesn’t […]

Texas Competitor Comparison: Solar Electric Texas

Competitor Comparison

Texas is full of solar companies asking for your time and money. To help you sift through your options Go Solar Group has compiled a list of important solar aspects. This comparison looks at Solar Electric Texas. Google and BBB Ratings For many, initial comparisons are done through looking at customer ratings. Although there are […]

Why Texas’s Grid Capacity Will Save the World

San Antonio Solar

Why San Antonio’s grid capacity will prove an undeniable point about the future of renewable energy around the world. Did you know you could power New York City for nearly 32 days with the excess solar energy Texas produces on its power grid in a single day? I’ll take all this leftover power to shed […]

Future of Electric Vehicles in San Antonio

San Antonio Solar

San Antonio’s population is growing, which increases transportation needs and pollution levels. If we don’t do something about it, this could become a large problem for San Antonio citizens.  San Antonio’s Transportation Plan In anticipation for the expected increase in population, San Antonio has implemented a 5-year transportation plan. This plan has a variety of measures meant to […]

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