San Antonio Peak Sun Hours and Solar Panel Tilt

San Antonio Solar

Peak sun hours and the tilt of the solar panels are factors that impact San Antonio solar generation. Because solar arrays are reliant on sunlight for the production of energy, the amount of power coming from the same number and type of panels varies, which is why San Antonio’s sun exposure matters. Solar panels that […]

Consumer Logistics for Texas Solar Installs

San Antonio Solar

Residential solar gives homeowners control over their power production, particularly in San Antonio. Post solar installation habits also help solar homeowners become more aware of the amount of energy used and the best time to use it.  Increased control over everything, energy production included, is becoming desirable to homeowners, which is why installing residential solar in San Antonio is […]

Why Solar Energy Production Matters in San Antonio

San Antonio Solar

Like everything else in Texas, energy consumption and production is bigger. As an energy-exporting state with numerous surrounding areas relying on the Lone Star State’s energy production, the need for solar in San Antonio and other larger metropoles throughout the state is growing. But renewable energy is nothing new here. Texas took the lead in […]

Beat the Heat with Battery Backup

San Antonio Solar Backup

In Texas, particularly its bigger cities, power continuity is an issue. Hot summers make it difficult for utilities to keep up with the energy demand. While ERCOT has an energy alert system in place for these locations, it doesn’t guarantee power continuity. Instead, ERCOT has scheduled power outages throughout the impacted areas. Scheduled power outages are […]

Smart Thermostat Programs & San Antonio Solar

San Antonio Solar and Utility Companies

Smart thermostats have become all the rage these days, especially in cities like San Antonio, where the heat can cause large-scale power outages. While smart thermostats are an easy sell, it is a no-brainer for homeowners impacted by these outages. Smart thermostats make life a little more convenient because they help people conserve energy and decrease […]

Solar Cost and Savings Factors for San Antonio Homeowners

San Antonio Solar

If San Antonio’s potential solar buyers only looked at how much solar cost, no one would buy it. However, that is a bit like looking at any other investment without considering the returns it can provide, especially since many solar companies offer zero down payment programs. Since solar energy is a home improvement item with […]

Certification Requirements for San Antonio Solar Installers

San Antonio Solar

In the solar industry, solar professionals hold themselves to industry-wide standards. Professionals that meet these standards receive industry-recognized North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certifications. These certifications tell the world that the professional has the skills to meet the needs and expectations of the profession. This certification, however, isn’t the only certification that quality solar […]

Is San Antonio Residential Solar Worth It?

San Antonio Solar

Because of the push for more solar, installations have popped up everywhere. For Texans, however, the choice to invest in something isn’t determined by popularity. Texans don’t follow blindly like a bunch of sheep off a cliff. Instead, we carve our paths and make our unique brand stand out in the crowd. That is why […]

ERCOT’s Energy Emergency Alert and Solar

San Antonio Solar and Utility Companies

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) knew that the summer of 2019 would be hot. They, however, weren’t prepared for the August heat. On Aug. 13, 2019, ERCOT issued a level 1 energy emergency alert. It then continued a couple of days later. Across the state, there were sporadic outages, and ERCOT couldn’t seem to keep it […]

Comparing Your Energy Needs to the Average San Antonio Home

San Antonio Solar

Electricity use is dependent on the area the home is in. Large homes in moderate climates need the same or less energy as small homes in extreme climates. San Antonio Texas is known for its extremely hot weather and winters that aren’t much better. These weather conditions increase Texans household energy use. Over 80 percent […]

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