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From Smart Homes to Smart Businesses: Solar’s Part

Solar for Business

The transition to the smart home has increased awareness and triggered a shift in businesses. Electricity has become an essential part of everyday life. Businesses without electricity to power data centers, cloud computing and everything in-between become powerless, making a reliable electricity supply critical. Historically, environmentally friendly upgrades have proven unprofitable. However, solar power can […]

Which Industries Are Better off With Solar?

Solar for Business

Solar is a booming industry; however, it isn’t the only beneficiary. Other players also benefit from the increase in photovoltaics. There are a wide range of industries that profit from solar. It impacts everything from raw materials to recycling. Let’s take a look at these industries and how solar is impacting them. Solar Panel Manufacturing: […]

MACRS: Green Energy Home Office Incentives

Solar for Business

When people think about business expenses, they think about the office. However, many now have offices in their homes. The good news for solar-powered homeowners is running a business out of their home can expedite their solar savings earnings, leveraging depreciation of residential solar equipment as a business expense. While depreciation is generally a bad […]

How Do I Utilize Solar for My Company?

Solar for Business

There are many reasons for using solar for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that businesses have implemented solar. Eco-Efficiency Practices That Make a Difference In order to take full advantage of solar, you should consider cutting your energy costs. This will allow you to save even more with your […]

5 Ways Solar Is Benefiting Businesses

Solar for Business

Solar is a big boon to businesses that have invested in photovoltaics. Here are a few of the ways that companies benefit. 1. Save Money on Energy Bills One of the main reasons that companies look into solar is the savings associated with it. Businesses that acquire solar are in for some hefty savings. ROI […]

The Case for Solar-Powered Business

Solar for Business

Every thousand-mile journey begins with a single footstep, but nothing sours the beginning of a journey like a business’s Bigfoot-sized carbon footprint. In addition to bolstering your brand and advocating environmental responsibility, these are the most significant factors that make going green a smart decision for any business. Commercial Solar Saves Businesses Money A dollar […]

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