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Adding Battery to Existing Solar

Battery Backup

Many homeowners will purchase battery backup during the solar installation period. It saves time to have it installed in your home around the same time as the solar panels themselves. However, sometimes a homeowner isn’t interested in battery backup at the time that they decide to go solar.  Not every homeowner will purchase solar and […]

Why Lithium-Ion Solar Batteries Are Best

Battery Backup

Many homeowners are interested in adding battery backup to their solar installation. Battery backup brings peace of mind for potential power outages or grid failures. They can power your home during bad weather or at night, giving you complete independence from the grid. However, trying to figure out what battery type is best for your home […]

Home Generators vs Solar Batteries

Battery Backup

More homeowners are shopping for home generators or solar battery-backup systems amid a rise in severe storms, power outages, and grid shutdowns. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, emergency preparedness has become top-of-mind for both normal homeowners and solar-powered homeowners alike. Home generators powered by diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas can keep refrigerated food from […]

Will Solar Batteries Continue Working During Long Outages?

Battery Backup

Will solar batteries continue working during prolonged outages? The short answer: it depends. The capacity of the solar battery and a homeowner’s electricity needs determine a battery’s staying power. In any case, investing in a solar battery means less reliance on the grid. Why Solar Homes Need Battery Backup During a power outage, the electrical […]

Benefits of Portable Panels and Batteries

Battery Backup

A home already powered by residential solar may not seem like it needs to add portable solar panels to the mix. However, portable panels complement standard home solar arrays quite well. While residential solar provides the electricity needed to power homes, portable solar panels mobilize the scale of solar’s potential, prolonging the life of portable […]

The Tesla Powerwall: How It Works

Battery Backup

Although Tesla is known for its electric vehicles, its solar product line has gained significant traction. Many people are excited about the company’s solar shingles and home battery. Although solar shingles are struggling to take off, its home battery is rated one of the best on the market. Taking a look at the Powerwall illustrates […]

The Importance of Solar Energy Storage

Battery Backup

Because of the way solar panels work, solar arrays don’t generate continuous power on their own. They do, however, produce enough excess electricity to power a home throughout the year, making solar storage necessary.   When solar first became popular, battery backup hadn’t caught up with solar module technology. In response, net metering policies emerged. Through […]

What Car Batteries Can Teach Us About Solar Batteries

Battery Backup

While car and solar batteries are quite different, understanding the distinction between the two can help homeowners understand the details of solar batteries. All batteries have a chemical reaction, which creates an electric current used to power devices. How the electrical current is formed and stored makes a difference in the amount of electricity the […]

Types of Energy Storage for Residential Solar

Battery Backup

One of the most common solar storage options is battery backup; despite its commonality, it is oftentimes confused with backup/power supply. All batteries are a form of backup, but not all backup is battery-based. The rule of thumb for remembering the difference is to think of battery backup as a bank into which you deposit […]

Why Every Solar Home Needs Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Solar advertisements often portray solar power as the hero during a power outage. However, the truth is a bit more restrained: without storage, solar panels aren’t helpful to homeowners in a power outage. It is storage that is the root of the solution itself. Homes with solar often have net metering. Net metering allows homeowners with […]

Generators Vs. Solar Powered Battery Backup

Battery Backup

There are several different energy storage solutions. Not all these solutions, however, are ideal for homeowners. Currently, two competitors have piqued the interest of energy-conscious homeowners. These competitors include generators and battery backup in conjunction with solar. Solar Battery Backup Options Because of the way solar panels work, an array needs additional equipment to store excess solar […]

When Purchasing Battery Backup Is a Good Option

Battery Backup

There are many reasons to purchase battery backup. However, if someone uses the wrong backup option, it can lead to a negative experience with the product. Battery backup is a great tool; it helps people meet their energy needs. Finding a battery backup that fits the energy needs of the situation is necessary. Here are […]

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