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What Are Solar Skins?

Learn Solar Panels

Solar technology has blossomed over the past couple of years. There are several different solar panel technologies out there that claim they enhance the efficiency of solar cells. Other tech options, like solar shingles, increase the aesthetic appeal of residential solar. Another technology that is relatively new to the market is solar skin. Solar skin […]

Why Solar Panel Kits Usually Fall Short

Solar Plus Technologies

Going solar is no small feat. It takes time, savings, and know-how. Many people think that it is as simple as unpacking the solar panels and then putting them on your roof — but there is far more to it than that.  What Goes Into Whole House Solar Kits Firstly, let’s take a look at […]

Where We Install the Tesla Powerwall

Battery Backup

The Tesla Powerwall is the go-to name for home battery backup. When combined with residential solar, the Powerwall can potentially eliminate your power bill. The Powerwall remains one of the least expensive, highest quality options available for home solar installations.  Request a Powerwall Where Does Go Solar Group Install the Powerwall? To help bring affordable […]

How Solar Tanks Improve Battery Backup

Battery Backup

Solar panels are best paired with some sort of battery backup. Battery backup helps you keep more of the electricity produced by your solar panels each day. It can provide power to you at night or in emergencies. In particular, portable battery backup is the perfect tool for traveling, disasters, and power outages. Go Solar Group’s […]

Difference between DIY Solar and Portable Solar Kits

Solar Plus Technologies

Many solar terms can be confusing to newcomers to the industry. What is DIY solar? What are portable solar kits? Are they the same thing? If not, how do they differ? These are all valid questions and ones that can be difficult to find an answer to with a simple internet search. To help potential […]

Adding Battery to Existing Solar

Battery Backup

Many homeowners will purchase battery backup during the solar installation period. It saves time to have it installed in your home around the same time as the solar panels themselves. However, sometimes a homeowner isn’t interested in battery backup at the time that they decide to go solar.  Not every homeowner will purchase solar and […]

Microinverters and Central Inverters: Key Differences

Inverters & Monitoring

An inverter switches the direct current (DC) generated by the solar panel into an alternating current (AC). The inverter then sends the AC to the house, allowing it to power your lights, fridge, air conditioner, and more. Power generated from solar doesn’t work without an inverter because the outlets in our homes use AC. The […]

3 Main Types of Inverters: Function and Ideal Solar Application

Inverters & Monitoring

When looking for a solar inverter, there are three inverter waveform options. These include sine wave, otherwise known as a pure or true wave, modified sine wave and square wave. Most experts recommend using a pure sine wave for solar applications. Discover why in this blog post. This post goes over each waveform so you […]

Why Lithium-Ion Solar Batteries Are Best

Battery Backup

Many homeowners are interested in adding battery backup to their solar installation. Battery backup brings peace of mind for potential power outages or grid failures. They can power your home during bad weather or at night, giving you complete independence from the grid. However, trying to figure out what battery type is best for your home […]

Home Generators vs Solar Batteries

Battery Backup

More homeowners are shopping for home generators or solar battery-backup systems amid a rise in severe storms, power outages, and grid shutdowns. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, emergency preparedness has become top-of-mind for both normal homeowners and solar-powered homeowners alike. Home generators powered by diesel fuel, propane, or natural gas can keep refrigerated food from […]

Will Solar Batteries Continue Working During Long Outages?

Battery Backup

Will solar batteries continue working during prolonged outages? The short answer: it depends. The capacity of the solar battery and a homeowner’s electricity needs determine a battery’s staying power. In any case, investing in a solar battery means less reliance on the grid. Why Solar Homes Need Battery Backup During a power outage, the electrical […]

Critter Guards for Your Solar Panels

Solar Plus Technologies

Home solar panels typically are mounted only a few inches from the roof. While this gap allows air to circulate under the panels to prevent the array from overheating, it also can attract pesky critters. Do You Need a Critter Guard? Critter guards are not essential, but they have proven helpful in protecting homeowners’ solar […]

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