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LG Versus AEG Polycrystalline Module Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons

Adding solar to your home is no light matter. Taking the time to compare brands and products will help you make the best decision for your project. Each of our product comparisons looks at factors worth considering when comparing solar products and services. In this product comparison, Go Solar Group’s selection of LG solar panels […]

LG vs. SunPower Solar Panel Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons

Both SunPower and LG are well-known brands within the solar industry. They are known for producing high-quality products. In this product comparison, we will ascertain which brand has the best solar panel for your needs. To determine this, we look at the compatible solar panel options. We will then look at the wattage, efficiency and […]

LG Vs. Trina Solar Panels Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons

Adding solar to your home is not a task to take lightly. Once you have decided which type of solar panel will work best, it’s time to look at comparable solar panel options. This solar panel comparison delves into the differences between the LG solar panels that Go Solar Group carries and the two Trina […]

Renogy 100-Watt Foldable Panel vs Goal Zero’s Boulder 200

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons

Most of the time, Go Solar Group’s product comparisons for solar panels compare the same wattage. However, this comparison doesn’t. Instead, this comparison looks at the 100-watt flexible solar panel from Renogy and the Goal Zero Boulder 200. While these two solar panels have wattage differences, which may make this Renogy solar panel unfit for […]

EcoFlow 160W vs. Goal Zero Boulder 200

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons

Portable solar panels combined with solar batteries work well as both emergency power and traveling power. However, there are several options on the market right now. Deciding which one to go with can be tricky, but Go Solar Group is here to help you out. This product comparison looks at the differences and similarities between […]

Goal Zero Boulder v. Jackery SolarSaga: Portable Modules

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons

While Go Solar Group is first and foremost a residential solar company, it also offers the Goal Zero Boulder, a portable solar panel, as part of its battery backup package options. However, Goal Zero isn’t the only provider of portable solar panels. In this post, discover the difference between Goal Zero’s and Jackery’s 200-watt portable […]

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Vs. BLUETTI SP200

Portable Solar Panel Comparisons

When it comes to comparing products, some differences are easy to spot while others aren’t. On the surface, both the Boulder 200 by Goal Zero and the BLUETTI SP200 are solar panels that perform the same. However, there are some differences to consider even though both solar panels are rated to produce 200 watts. Solar […]

LG vs Titan Solar Modules

Solar Panel Comparisons

Solar panels are the key part of any solar installation. You can have the best inverter, a top-notch racking system, and the best battery backup that money can buy, but with below-par solar panels, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. To ensure that you get the best out of your solar installation, you […]

LG vs Panasonic: Solar Panels Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons

Each solar panel manufacturing company has its pros and cons. Some are known to produce high-quality solar panels — at a similarly high price. Some companies focus on producing cheap and widely available, but less efficient, panels for the mass market. Because different companies focus on different areas, it’s worth comparing them to see which […]

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 vs. Point Zero Titan Generator

Portable Solar Battery Comparisons

The market has many portable battery options. One option includes the Titan solar generator. Let’s look at the specs on this generator and how they compare to Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000. Lithium-ion Batteries: Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Both Goal Zero and Zero Point Energy use lithium-ion NMC batteries. This battery type uses a combination of […]

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