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LG vs Titan Solar Modules

Solar Panel Comparisons

Solar panels are the key part of any solar installation. You can have the best inverter, a top-notch racking system, and the best battery backup that money can buy, but with below-par solar panels, you won’t be able to reap the benefits. To ensure that you get the best out of your solar installation, you […]

LG vs Panasonic: Solar Panels Comparison

Solar Panel Comparisons

Each solar panel manufacturing company has its pros and cons. Some are known to produce high-quality solar panels — at a similarly high price. Some companies focus on producing cheap and widely available, but less efficient, panels for the mass market. Because different companies focus on different areas, it’s worth comparing them to see which […]

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 vs. Point Zero Titan Generator

Portable Battery Comparisons

The market has many portable battery options. One option includes the Titan solar generator. Let’s look at the specs on this generator and how they compare to Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000. Lithium-ion Batteries: Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) Both Goal Zero and Zero Point Energy use lithium-ion NMC batteries. This battery type uses a combination of […]

Portable Battery Backup Comparison: Yeti vs. Bluetti AC200P

Portable Battery Comparisons

Over the years, portable solar batteries have become quite popular. As a result, many options now saturate the market. Thankfully, Go Solar Group has your back. With our emergency backup product comparison, you can determine which product will best meet your needs. Lithium-ion Batteries: LiFePO4 Vs. NMC While lithium-ion batteries have become the preferred battery […]

Battery Backup Comparison: Power eVault vs. Powerwall

Battery Backup Comparisons

The Powerwall has become the battery associated with residential solar. However, it isn’t the only home battery option. Fortress Power has come out with a line of solar batteries. Let’s compare their home battery, the eVault, and see what it has to offer. Comparing Battery Backup Types First, it’s important to note that while both […]

Product Comparison: Renogy Vs. Goal Zero Lithium Solar Batteries

Portable Battery Comparisons

At Go Solar Group, we offer several levels of battery backup. While our highest level is the Tesla home battery, the Powerwall, we also carry two emergency power options from Goal Zero.  While most home batteries use lithium-ion technology, smaller batteries use a wide variety of materials, and unlike whole-house battery backup, can be made portable. […]

Panasonic EverVolt Vs. Tesla Powerwall Battery Comparison

Battery Backup Comparisons

Panasonic has worked with Tesla to supply their batteries since 2009. However, this long-time relationship may be coming to a close.  In March of 2021, Panasonic sold its shares in Tesla. Although it still has a supply agreement until 2030, Tesla has now turned to other battery manufacturers, like CATL.   Because of the close relationship of […]

LG Chem RESU vs. Powerwall Battery Backup Comparison

Battery Backup Comparisons

Home solar batteries have seen major technological improvements since their inception. These improvements, when combined with the various solar incentives on the federal, local, and statewide levels, have made battery backup an option that the average solar-powered homeowner can afford. However, the myriad whole house battery systems for solar panels available on the market today […]

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Which Is Best?

Solar Panel Comparisons

Homeowners who decide to go solar hear a lot of new terms from solar companies. Among the most common are descriptors of two types of solar panels — monocrystalline and polycrystalline. These names refer to two different forms of silicon. These are the two main kinds of residential solar panels used for homes in the […]

sonnenCore vs. Powerwall Battery Backup Product Comparison

Battery Backup Comparisons

Sonnen created a number of home batteries that compete directly with the Powerwall 2, which includes sonnenCore. Unlike the ecoLinx, this solar battery only has one size option and a smaller price tag than its other Sonnen batteries. The sonnenCore is Sonnen’s most economically viable option. Let’s compare this home battery to Tesla’s Powerwall 2, so […]

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