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Battery Backup Comparison: Power eVault vs. Powerwall

battery backup

The Powerwall has become the battery associated with residential solar. However, it isn’t the only home battery option. Fortress Power has come out with a line of solar batteries. Let’s compare their home battery, the eVault, and see what it has to offer. Comparing Battery Backup Types First, it’s important to note that while both […]

Panasonic EverVolt Vs. Tesla Powerwall Battery Comparison

battery backup

Panasonic has worked with Tesla to supply their batteries since 2009. However, this long-time relationship may be coming to a close.  In March of 2021, Panasonic sold its shares in Tesla. Although it still has a supply agreement until 2030, Tesla has now turned to other battery manufacturers, like CATL.   Because of the close relationship of […]

Generac PWRcell vs. Tesla Powerwall 2

battery backup

Home batteries provide security against power outages, but which will meet your needs best is debatable. At Go Solar Group, we believe that the best home battery option is the Tesla Powerwall, but we don’t want customers to take our word for it. To help our customers make an informed decision, we have put together […]

LG Chem RESU vs. Tesla Powerwall 2

battery backup

Home solar batteries have seen major technological improvements since their inception. These improvements, when combined with the various solar incentives on the federal, local, and statewide levels, have made battery backup an option that the average solar-powered homeowner can afford. However, the myriad whole house battery systems for solar panels available on the market today […]

sonnenCore vs. Powerwall

battery backup

Sonnen created a number of home batteries that compete directly with the Powerwall 2, which includes sonnenCore. Unlike the ecoLinx, this solar battery only has one size option and a smaller price tag than its other Sonnen batteries. The sonnenCore is Sonnen’s most economically viable option. Let’s compare this home battery to Tesla’s Powerwall 2, so […]

Solar Battery Showdown: Sonnen ecoLinx vs Powerwall

battery backup

Solar arrays don’t produce as much power when the sun isn’t out. Most solve this problem by connecting to the power grid, allowing them to put their excess solar power on the grid and use it as a credit towards electricity used when the sun goes down. While this solution works for earning pennies back […]

Powerwall 2 vs. Enphase Encharge

battery backup

Solar-powered homes reduce electricity bills. However, on their own, they won’t work during an outage without some sort of backup power supply or battery backup system. Because of the NEC 2017, solar homes connected to the grid have to disconnect the solar array at the modular level during a power outage. Meaning the solar array will […]

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