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sonnenCore vs. Powerwall

battery backup

Sonnen created a number of home batteries that compete directly with the Powerwall 2, which includes sonnenCore. Unlike the ecoLinx, this solar battery only has one size option and a smaller price tag than its other Sonnen batteries. The sonnenCore is Sonnen’s most economically viable option. Let’s compare this home battery to Tesla’s Powerwall 2, so […]

Solar Battery Showdown: Sonnen ecoLinx vs Powerwall

battery backup

Solar arrays don’t produce as much power when the sun isn’t out. Most solve this problem by connecting to the power grid, allowing them to put their excess solar power on the grid and use it as a credit towards electricity used when the sun goes down. While this solution works for earning pennies back […]

Powerwall 2 vs. Enphase Encharge

battery backup

Solar-powered homes reduce electricity bills. However, on their own, they won’t work during an outage without some sort of backup power supply or battery backup system. Because of the NEC 2017, solar homes connected to the grid have to disconnect the solar array at the modular level during a power outage. Meaning the solar array will […]

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