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What Are the New Mexico Solar Tax Credits?

New Mexico Solar Incentives

Going solar has never been more affordable. Even ten years ago, only well-off American homeowners could afford to go solar. Now, however, with advances in solar technology manufacturing and government subsidies, going solar is within reach of many homeowners across the country. Among the most important of these subsidies are the tax credits that are […]

New Mexico’s PNM Solar Incentives

New Mexico Solar Incentives

New Mexico is renowned in the solar world for its wide variety of solar incentives. Some of these are state-level, others local. But one category of solar incentives is not talked about very much — those offered by individual utility companies. Utility incentives are going to vary from company to company, which is why we […]

10 Reasons to Go Solar in New Mexico

New Mexico Solar Incentives

Many people will only give one or two reasons when asked why they chose to go solar, but there are many reasons why people go solar. In this article, we will be covering the top ten reasons why you should go solar in New Mexico. We wish to provide you with a variety of ways […]

New Mexico Solar Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) Exemption

New Mexico Solar Incentives

New Mexico offers many potential incentives for homeowners interested in going solar. Some of these incentives are covered extensively, such as New Mexico’s solar income tax credit. Other incentives aren’t really touched on all that much, besides some brief asides. We aim to rectify that by covering some of the lesser-known solar incentives that New […]

Incentives Albuquerque Solar Companies Offer Homeowners

New Mexico Solar Incentives

Some Albuquerque homeowners choose to stay attached to the local grid and rely on fossil fuels, which may have cheaper short-term costs. Others invest in renewable energy like solar panels, which provide long-term savings and reduce pollution. Choosing the right Albuquerque solar installer and solar equipment provides the best bang for your buck. Quality Solar […]

Affordable Solar Installations In Albuquerque

New Mexico Solar Incentives

New Mexico has one of the best climates for solar installations. It makes sense for homeowners to learn more about their solar options, so they can take advantage of living in a sunny state. Several different factors go into affordable solar. Some of these include area incentives, the quote process, post-solar habits and solar-plus additions. […]

PNM Solar Rebates: Making Solar a Viable Option

New Mexico Solar Incentives

New Mexico photovoltaics is worth the investment because of the ROI of solar. These savings, however, are due in part to the solar incentives that PNM offers its customers. Without incentives, solar often doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Knowledge of the solar programs a utility offers its customers is the first step toward […]

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