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PNM Rate Case Details: How it Pertains to Solar

New Mexico Solar FAQs

PNM Resources is the largest public energy utility in the state of New Mexico. They maintain an energy portfolio that ranges from the typical petroleum and natural gas plants that one might expect but also includes large wind farms, forays into solar, and a line of nuclear-generated electricity from Arizona. This energy keeps the lights […]

How New Mexico Solar Installations Differ from Other Locations

New Mexico Solar FAQs

Every state is unique when it comes to solar. The geography, climate, and state-level incentives will all affect how solar is implemented. This is especially true in New Mexico, which has its own architectural trends and geography that differ from its surrounding neighbors. These unique facets are just one of many reasons why going solar […]

What is NMSEA’s Role and Purpose in New Mexico?

New Mexico Solar FAQs

The New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) is one of the main solar advocacy organizations in the state of New Mexico. A non-profit, its stated mission is, “We Promote Clean, Renewable Energy & Sustainability in New Mexico through EDUCATION, EMPOWERMENT, COLLABORATION, and ADVOCACY.” The NMSEA is an important force in the promotion and development of […]

New Mexico’s Net Metering Policies by Utility Company

New Mexico Solar FAQs

While many factors come into play when determining whether going solar is right for you, some of these factors are more important than others. In particular, net metering is an essential part of installing solar. In this article, we will be covering the four main utilities that are available to New Mexico residents and what […]

How to Use New Mexico Tesla Charging Stations

New Mexico Solar FAQs

In New Mexico, electric vehicles have become more common. The increased use of all-electric cars has made charging station infrastructure a need. Cities in New Mexico have implemented charging stations at grocery stores, businesses, and gas stations to accommodate long-distance travel and daily recharging needs for electric vehicle owners. New Mexico has a network of […]

New Mexico Solar & HOAs: What You Need to Know

New Mexico Solar FAQs

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) make up a minority of homes in New Mexico but are still significant in many ways. Around 14 percent of New Mexico residents live in an HOA, and a bit more than 20 percent of all homes in New Mexico are part of an HOA. If you own a home in New […]

What is New Mexico’s Solar Energy Code?

New Mexico Solar FAQs

Like everything involving electricity, there are codes and regulations that must be followed when it comes to solar energy. Most of these are building codes, which determine whether it is safe to add a solar PV installation to an existing building. Other electrical codes determine more technical details of solar installation, such as system specifications, […]

Questions to Ask New Mexico Solar Installers

New Mexico Solar FAQs

Going solar is a complicated process and one that is sure to raise many questions — even before the process starts. In fact, the questions that you ask before choosing a solar company can be some of the most important. In this article, we’ve collected a list of some of the most pertinent questions that […]

What Are Pros and Cons of the Potential PNM-Avangrid Merger?

New Mexico Solar FAQs

PNM serves a large portion of New Mexico. However, it isn’t the largest fish in the pond. Because of its small size, PNM has struggled to get the financial backing necessary to add renewable infrastructure. The utility claims that its desire to invest in New Mexico’s renewable energy resources has resulted in its search for […]

Community Solar vs. Home Solar in New Mexico: Which Is Best?

New Mexico Solar FAQs

There are several ways to get solar, from purchasing residential solar to leasing to community solar. Each of these will fit different situations. Finding which works best for your personal situation is the first step to going solar. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the different types of solar and when each […]

How to Handle New Mexico Heat Waves

New Mexico Solar FAQs

It’s no secret that New Mexico gets hot during the summer and every year it feels like summer lasts longer and longer. New Mexicans are looking for ways to beat the heat, and we have a suggestion — solar. After all, New Mexico is a perfect state for solar power. Solar panels for your home […]

Can Solar Help with New Mexico’s Windy Weather?

New Mexico Solar FAQs

Spring’s here, and for New Mexicans, that means wind. April and May have become synonymous with strong wind events across the state. Unfortunately, the result of windy weather can cause a lot of damage. Residents should know about the resources available and tips to handle New Mexico’s unpredictable weather. While New Mexico winds typically stay […]

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