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Competitor Comparison: NM Solar Group

Competitor Comparison

Consumers shopping for solar panels for their New Mexico home have more than one choice of proven, reliable solar installers. Both NM Solar Group and Go Solar Group are leading solar companies in Albuquerque-Santa Fe metropoles. This comparison of the two companies aims to help homeowners choose the right fit for their unique needs and […]

Albuquerque Competitor Comparison: OE Solar

Competitor Comparison

Homeowners searching for the best solar company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have more than one reputable company to consider. Both Go Solar Group and OE Solar bear hallmarks of high-quality solar installation and service. Each has 12 years of experience in residential installations, positive solar company reviews, and strong industry certifications. Both show a commitment […]

Competitor Comparison: Solar Works Energy

Competitor Comparison

Homeowners have plenty of reasons to shop for the best Albuquerque solar company. Choosing the best-qualified installers with the right products will deliver benefits for decades, including hefty savings on power bills, greater self-reliance, and the good feeling that comes with protecting the environment. To help Albuquerque residents choose the right company, here’s a comparison […]

Incentives Albuquerque Solar Companies Offer Homeowners

New Mexico Solar Incentives

Some Albuquerque homeowners choose to stay attached to the local grid and rely on fossil fuels, which may have cheaper short-term costs. Others invest in renewable energy like solar panels, which provide long-term savings and reduce pollution. Choosing the right Albuquerque solar installer and solar equipment provides the best bang for your buck. Don’t wait […]

New Mexico Solar Company Comparison: Sunspot

Competitor Comparison, NEW MEXICO

Choosing a home solar company in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico is a major decision that can cause plenty of stress and anxiety for homeowners.  Turning to a hometown business can feel safe. Sunspot Solar Energy Systems of Las Cruces strikes that comforting note on its website, calling itself “the local solar energy […]

The Best Solar Panels in Albuquerque: FAQS and Tidbits


Each solar panel absorbs available solar energy and transforms it into solar power. Solar panels determine the efficiency of the rest of a home’s system.   Solar power companies in Albuquerque shouldn’t sacrifice performance standards and efficiency to maintain low costs. A better route is to reduce costs while maximizing quality. To help customers feel confident […]

New Mexico Solar Comparison: Affordable Solar Energy

Competitor Comparison

Many homeowners shopping for a solar company in the greater Albuquerque-Santa Fe area want to know how long each installer has been servicing the local market. While this is certainly one factor in choosing the right solar company, it shouldn’t be the only one. Many customers also try to find the cheapest price. In reality, […]

New Mexico Competitor Comparison: Positive Solar Energy

Competitor Comparison, NEW MEXICO

Positive Solar Energy has a lot going for it, but it’s important for potential solar customers in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area of New Mexico to see the whole picture. Finding the right solar company can be a time-consuming process. However, our competitor comparisons minimize the time needed to make a choice. Below is a comparison […]

Affordable Solar Installations In Albuquerque


New Mexico has one of the best climates for solar installations. It makes sense for homeowners to learn more about their solar options, so they can take advantage of living in a sunny state. Several different factors go into affordable solar. Some of these include area incentives, the quote process, post-solar habits and solar-plus additions. […]

New Mexico Competitor Comparison: Sunpro Solar

Competitor Comparison

Not everyone has the benefit of a friend with an inside look at what each solar company offers. That is why Go Solar Group offers competitor comparisons. In each of these, we look at what the competitor offers and how it compares to Go Solar Group. We believe that well-informed customers don’t need to be […]

New Mexico Utility Overview for Homeowners Interested in Solar


Because New Mexico is close to the equator, solar makes sense, but the weather patterns aren’t the only determining factor for installing solar.  Because homeowners with solar often don’t disconnect from the grid, the home’s current electricity provider makes a difference. New Mexico has three investor-owned utilities and 16 electric cooperatives.  Some utilities offer incentives […]

PNM Solar Rebates: Making Solar a Viable Option

New Mexico Solar Incentives

New Mexico photovoltaics is worth the investment because of the ROI of solar. These savings, however, are due in part to the solar incentives that PNM offers its customers. Without incentives, solar often doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Knowledge of the solar programs a utility offers its customers is the first step toward […]

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