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Utility-scale vs. Distributed Solar Power

Solar Panels Reno NV

While many agree that solar is vital to the renewable energy mix, some feel solar should become a central addition to the mix of utility-generated power. Others think it’s better if the majority of solar additions come in the form of distributed solar arrays on the roofs of homes and businesses. Each is a valid point. […]

NV Energy and Solar Net Metering: The Past, Present and Future

Solar Panels Reno NV

Understanding NV Energy’s past, present and future can shape the decision to add solar to a Nevada home. First, let’s dive into a brief history of the utility company that has, until recently, had a tempestuous relationship with the Nevada populace, particularly those in Reno. NV Energy Rate History: Net Metering Changes Nevada first started […]

Solar Panels in Reno NV: Understanding the Investment

Solar Panels Reno NV

Solar panel pricing on Reno company websites often isn’t listed. Instead, solar pricing comes in the form of a solar estimation calculator. These calculators, however, shouldn’t take the place of a quote. Taking time with the quotation process will benefit the customer in the long run and provide a more accurate estimate. Addressing Reno Solar […]

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