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Nevada Solar Battery Incentives

Nevada Solar Policy

Just a few years ago, few solar homeowners would have solar battery backup. However, as batteries have gotten cheaper and incentives have gotten stronger, more and more homes are installing solar battery backup to go with their residential system. Let’s take a look at the incentives available for solar battery backup in Nevada. The State […]

Understanding Nevada Solar Programs

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has taken many steps towards becoming an environmentally friendly state. With many sun hours and a lot of unused space that can be dedicated to solar, Nevada is a premier state to harness the power of the sun. Nevada knows this and the state government has implemented many programs to help solar grow. There […]

Nevada Solar PUC Guide for Consumers

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has continued to grow as a major solar state for the past several years. This is partly due to Nevada’s very solar-friendly environment. The other big part is that Nevada has been enacting increasingly pro-solar policies for several years now. With the minor hiccup in Nevada’s net metering laws behind us, we can focus […]

Nevada’s 2021 Renewable Energy Legislation Update

Nevada Solar Policy

The 2021 season has brought with it a host of legislative actions and potential bills. Perhaps the most important bills for Nevada residents, homeowners and business owners focus on energy. Nevada has determined that greenhouse gases have caused the majority of Nevada’s climate change issues. The Nevada legislature, as a result, has moved legislation forward that […]

Nevada’s New Clean Car Standards and Solar

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has elected to accelerate initiatives to eliminate climate concerns and improve public health. The Clean Cars Nevada initiative is one way the state plans to reduce air pollutants.  This initiative will evaluate and adopt regulations that encourage dealerships to offer more zero and low-emission vehicle options by 2024. It will also provide other clean and efficient […]

Expanded Solar Access In Nevada: AB 465

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada passed legislation to expand solar access. This bill, however, doesn’t mean everyone in Reno can get solar.  Nevada legislatures presented the AB 465 on Mar. 25, 2019, and got the governor’s approval on June 4, 2019. This bill, however, isn’t the first attempt at expanding the reach of solar. Other solar-related bills have come to […]

Nevada Energy’s Storage Programs

Nevada Solar Policy

Ever wonder what the big deal behind solar storage is? Nevada is a booming state for solar. The problem is that solar arrays can’t store the power it generates. The ideal solution would be to install battery backup, like the Tesla Powerwall. However, these storage options are expensive, which is why many people have opted to […]

Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

Nevada Solar Policy

Each state’s renewable portfolio standard plays a role in whether the state will accommodate solar and other renewable energy options. These standards encourage utilities to incentivize renewables. Nevada has a rocky history with solar. However, after Nevadans let the state know how they felt, changes came. Today Nevada is again one of the best places […]

Understanding NV Solar Power Laws

Nevada Solar Policy

What you can do with your Nevada solar panels depends on the laws and regulations of your state, utility company, and federal law. Furthermore, these regulations can either make or break the affordability of your solar installation. Off-grid Solar Laws in Nevada Often when people think of residential solar, they assume it means they can […]

Replacing Nevada’s Coal Mines with Residential Solar

Nevada Solar Policy

Many have been fighting against coal mines for years. Coal-burning releases toxic gases and drains local water resources. Finding a less damaging solution is vital to the future of our environment. Nevada Solar: Dead or Alive? Policy to help promote renewable energy in Nevada has been a bit of a rocky road the past couple […]

Nevada Solar Energy’s Important Ballot Measures in 2018

Nevada Solar Policy

November 6th of 2018 may prove to be a historical moment in the lives of Nevadans and solar power in the Silver State. Two important measures are being voted and what you decide will sway the outcome. Question 3: Deregulation of Nevada Electricity Currently, Nevada is a semi-regulated state. Over the years NV Energy has […]

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