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EVs, Renewable Power, and Car Charging Stations

Nevada Solar Plus

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now so popular that their demand has generated innovation from their manufacturers, driving down prices. When combined with EVs fuel efficiency, these price drops make these cars no- brainers for many environmentally and economically conscientious consumers. However, charging all-electric cars comes with challenges. Discover how Nevada supports electric car purchasing with […]

Solar & Efficient Energy Use in Reno

Nevada Solar Plus

A lot of hype surrounds increasing energy efficiency, some cities and states have done something about it. Reno recognizes the importance of taking care of the earth, has implemented existing policies, and is working on new policies to further improve efficient energy use in the area. As Reno citizens, we live in a state that […]

Nevada Smart Homes and Solar Plus Thermostat Tech

Nevada Solar Plus

The EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2021 projected that 31 percent of 2021 energy consumption will come from heating and cooling. If the home isn’t sealed and insulated, this percentage rises. A smart thermostat helps Nevada homeowners have more control over their energy spending. As more consumers see the benefit of smart thermostats, installations continue to increase. Nest Thermostat […]

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