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What Is the Gemini Solar Project in Nevada?

Nevada Solar FAQs

Nevada, as part of its ever growing renewable energy portfolio, is focusing on ways to bring clean power to Nevada residents. Clean energy is not limited to solar and can involve wind power, hydroelectric power, and geothermal power. The Gemini Solar Plant is a large part of Nevada’s solar strategy for bringing clean solar energy […]

Solar Mirrors in Nevada: What Are They?

Nevada Solar FAQs

If you’ve driven through any of the major highways in Nevada, you’ve probably seen one of several large installations out in the desert. These installations are formed of thousands upon thousands of mirrors, all reflecting the merciless desert sun towards a central point. As you can probably guess, these are huge power plants. But how […]

Utility-scale vs. Distributed Solar Power

Nevada Solar FAQs

While many agree that solar is vital to the renewable energy mix, some feel solar should become a central addition to the mix of utility-generated power. Others think it’s better if the majority of solar additions come in the form of distributed solar arrays on the roofs of homes and businesses. Each is a valid point. […]

How Do I Make My Reno Home Net-zero Via Solar?

Nevada Solar FAQs

With the increased focus on climate change, many Reno Nevada citizens want to make a positive difference. However, with everything that entails, the effort needed from everyone can seem overwhelming. Nevada has climate change concerns that will take more than just the conscious effort of several people reducing, reusing and recycling. What’s more, the cost […]

Difference Between Portable & Built-in Solar

Nevada Solar FAQs

The best way to charge a portable solar battery depends on how its use. A portable solar panel will charge Goal Zero’s Yeti 3000 in roughly a day or more. Potable solar batteries don’t last long and take a while to charge because they’re engineered for emergency backup. However, in an emergency, waiting for a portable generator to […]

What Are Reno’s Solar Capacity Factors?

Nevada Solar FAQs

When it comes to solar capacity in Reno, Nevada, several factors play into it. These include net metering rates, current solar capacity, solar carve-out, and utility assets. Reno Nevada Net Metering Rate Tier Reduction In Nevada, the main utility, NV Energy, has a rate set to reduce after every 80 megawatts of claimed capacity. This claimed […]

How Do I Track Usage, Net Metering & Inverter Monitoring?

Nevada Solar FAQs

Having solar-generated power brings excitement, especially when you can see the difference in your power bill. Before we review monitoring, however, we need to understand how metering works in Reno, Nevada, and other surrounding areas, like Carson City. Reno Solar Panel Metering Expectations Photovoltaic systems help Reno and Carson City residents produce their power and […]

Solar Questions Reno Residents Should Ask

Nevada Solar FAQs

We provide solar so Reno natives can have freedom, convenience, peace of mind, and additional savings. As a solar company still ingrained in the philanthropic mission upon which we were founded, we are driven to make your life better through solar-powered homes, battery backup, emergency preparedness, and solar-plus services. Solar Panel Information for Reno Residents Solar Panel […]

What Are Nevada’s Biggest Solar Myths?

Nevada Solar FAQs

Solar Energy is riddled with many myths and Nevada is not immune to these misconceptions about solar. Together, we’d like to tackle some of these myths and expose the truth behind them. Here are 11 solar energy myths in Nevada that if conquered, will make you energy wiser. Let’s get to the myth-busting.   Nevada […]

Most Popular Reno Solar Questions, Answered

Nevada Solar FAQs

Solar arrays for sale in Reno will save money on electric bills. The problem is that not everyone can get solar. What Makes Your Reno Home a Good Fit For Solar? Sadly, not every home is a good fit for solar. A couple of factors help assess whether solar is a good option. Home Ownership: […]

Do I Qualify for Solar in Nevada?

Nevada Solar FAQs

Reno residents may want solar on their rooftops, but that doesn’t mean they can get the product in a viable way. After all, solar panels aren’t potato chips. To acquire a solar array, you and your home need to meet certain standards. What Makes Reno, Nevada Perfect for Solar Energy? Not every location is a […]

How Commercial Solar Differs From Residential in Nevada

Nevada Solar FAQs

Nevada Commercial solar is different than residential; these distinctions are imperative. Nevada business owners need to look at the different factors to see if commercial solar is a viable option. It’d be a mistake to learn about rooftop solar in Reno or Las Vegas and assume those same principles apply to commercial solar as well.   When […]

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