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Backup & Solar for Nevada Earthquakes

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

As a solar company, we leverage nature to create energy. However, we also respect the force of nature when manifested in natural disasters like earthquakes, which is why we have solar products to help homeowners prepare for these events. Like most important things, emergency preparedness may not seem important among the many urgencies in day-to-day […]

Reaching Carbon Neutrality with Nevada Residential Solar

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Those who achieve carbon neutrality either reduce their carbon footprint or offset it with other environmental efforts. Both large corporations and individuals can decrease their carbon footprints.  Reaching Carbon Neutrality in Nevada  Most don’t think about their electricity sources. However, depending on where someone lives, the utility could use different percentages of fossil fuels to […]

Nevada’s Salt Solar Project vs. Solar Panels

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Last Updated: Sept 17,2021 Many new renewable energy innovations have developed over the years. These new ideas have given rise to the emergence of concentrated solar power (CSP). Nevada’s Crescent Dune Solar Energy Project Contrary to popular belief, concentrated solar power doesn’t use solar panels. The Crescent Dune CSP generates and stores heat with salt, […]

What Homeowners Can Learn From Solar Energy Farms in Nevada

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Last Updated: Sept 13, 2021 Solar farms lead the way in solar installations by kilowatts. Installing anything in mass often comes at a far lower price per unit. However, residential solar sales still offer significant returns on investment, making them a solid investment for Nevada homeowners. Over the years, residential installations have increased due to the […]

Reno Nevada Solar Warranty Must-Knows

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Quality solar energy warranties ensure your Reno system is in prime condition. Knowledge of warranties will help you choose a solar array that will last.    Solar Warranties to Look for In Reno Nevada Manufacturer warranties are extremely important. Without these warranties, malfunctioning equipment wouldn’t get replaced. Or they would, but it would come out […]

What Your Reno Electrician Won’t Tell You About Solar Energy

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Your Reno electrician may know more about solar energy than you think. After all, it’s in his or her best interest to understand solar power, as it will soon become synonymous with power supply in general and on a global scale. What’s more, solar-powered electricity isn’t as scary as it’s made to seem. Solar Installations […]

Why Reno Solar Power Will Lead the Renewable Energy Revolution

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

The renewable energy revolution has begun, and Reno will spearhead it and serve as its champion, king, ambassador, and perhaps more. Nevada has huge potential. HBO Documentary and Nevada In December of 2017, HBO released their documentary, “Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution.” This film addresses the challenges of clean energy and progress made toward solar grid […]

The Inside of Solar Panels: What Reno NV Should Know

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Understanding the inner workings and mechanisms of solar panels will help Nevadans understand why Reno is one of the best locations for residential and commercial solar in the Intermountain West. Keep reading to learn about the fundamentals of photovoltaics, including what makes solar panels produce energy. Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell: mc-Si Mono-crystalline solar panels are […]

Should I Still Buy Solar in Reno?

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

Reno is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, making solar an extra profitable investment. However, Reno recently faced a renewable energy challenge when the solar industry suffered a bait-and-switch technique from the NPUC (Nevada Public Utilities Commission). The resulting solar industry crash made purchasing solar, which is already a big decision, a harder […]

NV Solar Facts: What Reno Should Know in 2021

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

The more informed Reno citizens are about NV solar power, the more they stand to benefit. To make a sound decision on solar, interested parties need all the facts, so they can determine whether regulations will impede or promote their progress as a Reno resident interested in solar.  While past regulations have restricted residential solar, […]

Reno Solar Power: the Coal Industry’s Broom & Dustpan

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

The Reno solar market is positioned to become an icon for solar prospects not just in the state of Nevada, but across the globe. Why? Because if any city is positioned to stop romanticizing the garbage we don’t want Santa putting in our X-mas stockings, coal, and the various problems that come with it, it’s Reno. […]

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