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Is Solar Worth it in 2022 for Reno, Nevada Homeowners?

Nevada Solar Costs

Nevada is known for its great solar climate. It gets many sunny days per year — more than most of the country. Alongside having a lot of sunny days, Nevada also has low solar prices and strong solar incentives. Does that mean that it’s worth it to go solar in Reno, Nevada? Let’s take a […]

2022 Cost of Solar Panels in Reno, Nevada

Nevada Solar Costs

Solar prices in Reno, Nevada have fluctuated in recent years. However, solar prices in Nevada have continually declined — just as they have across the country. How do the costs of solar in 2022 compare to the rest of the country? What Are the Costs of Solar in Reno, Nevada in 2022? Solar costs in […]

Nevada Solar Tax: Your Homeowner Guide to the Costs

Nevada Solar Costs

When most people think of solar power, their first thought is residential solar. Residential solar is when solar panels are installed on a home’s roof or, in more rare cases, in the backyard. Residential solar is an important part of the efforts to bring renewable energy to America. However, it is not the only part.  […]

Lowering Reno NV Living Costs via Solar

Nevada Solar Costs

Reno, Nevada, has a cost of living index score of 116.2, which is well above the national average cost of index living score of 100. Reno’s higher-than-average cost of living index score stems primarily from expensive average home prices and transportation costs. Two factors play a role in these expenses: 1) The seven-hour drive between Reno […]

Why Reno Solar Panels Mean Social Status

Nevada Solar Costs

Solar has become the main renewable energy for residential installs in Reno, Nevada. Although solar is spreading among all, the wealthy seem to have a particular interest in it. The Purpose Behind Wealthy Reno Solar Purchases Historically the wealthy were the only ones that could afford luxury items. Today with the use of credit many […]

Nevada Financial Tidbits for the Cost of Solar

Nevada Solar Costs

Nevada has always been ideal for solar installation, but today it’s different. Solar installations have spread throughout the state. There are three major reasons for this unprecedented growth. Lasting Net Metering Changes for Nevada Solar Customers The 2015 net metering bait and switch was devastating for Nevadans. What made it worse was that those who […]

Clarifying Nevada Rooftop Solar’s No-Cost Programs

Nevada Solar Costs

Many have misconceptions about no-cost Nevada rooftop solar programs. Unfortunately, creators of deceptive solar advertisements have either used imprecise language, miscommunicated incentives or downright fibbed. Thankfully, if you want the facts, you’re in the right place. Clark County’s ‘No-cost’ Program Nevada’s no-cost solar program targeting Clark County misled many Nevadans. Fake notices popped up in […]

Choosing a Solar Panel by Costs: Reno, Nevada Options

Nevada Solar Costs

Known for getting pretty darn hot, Reno is the tenth sunniest city in the nation, making solar a viable option. This sunny climate pairs well with residential solar, and understandably the solar industry has flourished in Reno as a result. Although halted for a time by NV Energy’s net metering changes, solar now shines again. […]

Reno NV Solar: Understanding the Investment Costs

Nevada Solar Costs

Solar panel pricing on Reno company websites often isn’t listed. Instead, solar pricing comes in the form of a solar estimation calculator. These calculators, however, shouldn’t take the place of a quote. Taking time with the quotation process will benefit the customer in the long run and provide a more accurate estimate. Addressing Reno Solar […]

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