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The Impact of Removing Nevada Energy’s Solar Cap

NV Energy

Every solar installation has a specific wattage. The wattage is determined by the total amount of electricity produced by your panel per sun hour, then multiplied by the number of panels you have. You can then multiply that number by the peak sun hours you get in your area, then expand that for an entire […]

NV Energy Net Metering Policies

NV Energy

Net metering allows solar-powered homeowners to sell their excess solar production to their utility. The customers can then purchase power from the utility when their array isn’t producing.  Ideally, power taken off and put on the grid would have the same rates. However, some utility companies have determined that 1-to-1 metering ratios aren’t in their favor.  […]

Nevada Portfolio Energy Credits (PECs)

NV Energy

Nevada has a history of proving its worth in the solar industry. As a result, lawmakers realize that Nevadans care about renewable energy, specifically residential solar. Legislators have steps in place to help incentivize renewable energy, so utilities like NV Energy are more likely to support them, and homeowners can’t afford to miss out on the […]

NV Energy’s Renewable Generations Program: Solar Power and Storage

NV Energy

NV Energy customers have a unique opportunity to increase their energy savings through this utility company’s incentives. The Renewable Generations Program PDF was a daunting, 48-page leviathan, covering incentive requirements for solar and all other renewable generation options in its Nevada service areas.  However, this program no longer exists. The NV Energy Clean Energy Program […]

The Nevada Solar Incentive That Most Overlook

NV Energy

Incentives are a large reason why solar is an affordable option in Nevada. Most incentives, however, are dependent on the solar policy of the state and local utility companies. Without a quality solar policy in place, incentives won’t make a difference. Before looking at solar savings, determine if the area has any solar-supporting policies. Solar […]

Guide to NV Energy Install Approval

NV Energy

Given that homeowners often stay connected to the grid, their utility companies need to approve their solar installations. Knowing NV Energy’s expectations expedites the process for Reno homeowners. NV Energy Solar Array Sizing Stipulations The utility company can make or break a solar installation. Every utility has different array sizing stipulations. Before starting an application […]

Answers For NV Energy’s Residential Solar Checklist

NV Energy

For those who have seen the NV Energy solar checklist, it’s quite daunting. However, customers need not fear.  Go Solar Group has compiled the NV Energy list of solar questions into manageable chunks. These categories differentiate between different question types NV Energy has deemed most important for those considering residential solar. Buying vs. Leasing: Go […]

Mixing NV Energy Policy with Go Solar Group

NV Energy

NV Energy has a solar panel question list for those interested in going solar. Although it provides a good starting point, this tool doesn’t answer all the questions you may have about going solar in Reno.  Nevada Solar Contractors When you get your solar PV (photovoltaic) system installed, the crew who completes the installation plays a big […]

NV Energy and Solar Net Metering: The Past, Present and Future

NV Energy

Understanding NV Energy’s past, present and future can shape the decision to add solar to a Nevada home. First, let’s dive into a brief history of the utility company that has, until recently, had a tempestuous relationship with the Nevada populace, particularly those in Reno. NV Energy Rate History: Net Metering Changes Nevada first started […]

A Guide to Nevada Energy Rebates

NV Energy

Those looking for a quick and accurate guide to Nevada energy rebates have come to the right place. Although Go Solar Group supports all forms of renewable energy production and consumption, we especially encourage combining solar with energy-efficient resources, like NV Energy’s smart thermostat incentives. NV Energy’s Renewable Rebates Over the years, a bundle of […]

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