Category: NV Energy and Solar Panels

Nevada Portfolio Energy Credits (PECs)

NV Energy and Solar Panels

Nevada has a history of proving its worth in the solar industry. As a result, lawmakers realize that Nevadans care about renewable energy, specifically residential solar. Legislators have steps in place to help incentivize renewable energy, so utilities like NV Energy are more likely to support them, and homeowners can’t afford to miss out on the […]

2019 Guide to NV Energy Approved Solar Installation

NV Energy and Solar Panels

Getting solar for your home can be a pain if it isn’t done right. Knowing your Utility’s expectations is vital to getting a solar array installed. NV Energy Solar Array Sizing Stipulations Your utility can make or break a solar installation. Every utility has different array sizing stipulations. Before you can even start your application […]

Mixing NV Energy Policy with Go Solar Group

NV Energy and Solar Panels

NV Energy has a solar panel question list for those interested in going solar. Although it provides a good starting point, this tool doesn’t answer all the questions you may have about the following items about going solar in Reno. One potential setback with NV Energy‘s list of questions is the references to getting a contractor. […]

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