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Reno Off-grid Solar Kits With Batteries

Nevada Battery Backup

What is an off-grid solar kit? Are they useful? Are there better options? You may find yourself asking these questions while researching the best way to power your own home with solar energy. Choosing the best solar option can be a difficult and sometimes confusing topic, which is why Go Solar Group is here to […]

Reno PV Energy Storage: What You Should Know

Nevada Battery Backup

While solar arrays allow homeowners in the Reno area to generate their power, solar modules alone won’t store it. That’s where battery backup comes into play. Many Nevadans have turned to net metering for their storage needs. However, it isn’t a permanent solution. Nor does it help during a power outage, when self-generated power would prove […]

How to Handle Nevada Energy Power Outages

Nevada Battery Backup

Handling an NV Energy power outage can be as easy as flipping a switch. With time, grid failures have become less frequent, but they still occur. So, what can the average Nevadan do about the issue? Especially homeowners with children. If you think a crying baby is cranky, you should see a 12-year-old without the […]

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