Category: Nevada Solar Energy

Reno Solar Capacity Factors

Nevada Solar Energy

When it comes to solar capacity in Reno, Nevada, there are several factors that play into it. These include net metering rates, current solar capacity, solar carve out, and utility assets. Reno Nevada Net Metering Rate Tier Reduction In Nevada, the main utility, NV Energy, has a rate set to reduce after every 80 megawatts […]

Nevada Solar Energy’s Important Ballot Measures in 2018

Nevada Solar Energy

November 6th of 2018 may prove to be a historical moment in the lives of Nevadans and solar power in the Silver State. Two important measures are being voted and what you decide will sway the outcome. Question 3: Deregulation of Nevada Electricity Currently, Nevada is a semi-regulated state. Over the years NV Energy has […]

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