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Nevada’s Salt Solar Project vs. Solar Panels

NV Solar Facts

In the past decade, there have been many new renewable energy innovations. These new ideas have given rise to the emergence of concentrated solar power (CSP). Nevada’s Crescent Dune Solar Energy Project Contrary to popular belief concentrated solar power doesn’t use solar panels. The Crescent Dune CSP generates and stores heat with salt, steam, mirrors […]

Replacing Nevada’s Coal Mines with Residential Solar

Nevada Rooftop Solar

Many have been fighting against coal mines for years. Coal burning releases toxic gases and drains local water resources. Finding a solution that is less damaging is vital to the future of our environment. Nevada Solar: Dead or Alive? Policy to help promote renewable energy in Nevada has been a bit of a rocky road […]

Solar Topics Reno Residents Ask About the Most

NV Solar Facts

We provide solar so Reno natives can have freedom, convenience, peace of mind, and additional savings. As a solar company still ingrained in the philanthropic mission upon which we were founded, we are driven to make your life better through solar-powered homes, battery backup, emergency preparedness, and solar plus services. Solar Panel Information for Reno […]

What Homeowners Can Learn from Solar Energy Farms in Nevada


Solar farms have been leading the way in solar installation. This is because installing mass anything is going to be far cheaper per unit.  Recently, however, residential solar sales have increased. Residential installations have increased due to the federal tax credit and local incentives.  Many aren’t aware of this option though and others wonder if […]

2019 Guide to NV Energy Approved Solar Installation

NV Energy and Solar Panels

Getting solar for your home can be a pain if it isn’t done right. Knowing your Utility’s expectations is vital to getting a solar array installed. NV Energy Solar Array Sizing Stipulations Your utility can make or break a solar installation. Every utility has different array sizing stipulations. Before you can even start your application […]

Nevada Solar Energy’s Important Ballot Measures in 2018

Nevada Solar Energy

November 6th of 2018 may prove to be a historical moment in the lives of Nevadans and solar power in the Silver State. Two important measures are being voted and what you decide will sway the outcome. Question 3: Deregulation of Nevada Electricity Currently, Nevada is a semi-regulated state. Over the years NV Energy has […]

Why Reno Nevada Solar Panels Mean Social Status


Free Custom Solar Quote Solar has become the main renewable energy for residential installs across the world, and in Reno Nevada as well. Although solar is spreading among all, the wealthy seem to have a particular interest in it. The Purpose Behind Wealthy Reno Solar Purchases Historically the wealthy were the only ones that could […]

Answers For NV Energy’s Residential Solar Checklist

Nevada Solar Power

Get A Free Custom Solar Quote For those that have seen NV Energy’s solar checklist, it is quite daunting. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. We believe that you deserve to know the facts, so we are going to give them to you. Go Solar Group has compiled NV Energy’s list of questions […]

Nevada Smart Homes and Solar Plus Thermostat Tech

Nevada Smart Homes

Free Custom Solar Quote In 2017, EIA found that on average about 21 percent of energy consumption is from heating and cooling. If you don’t have a well sealed and insulated home this percentage is even higher. A smart thermostat will help you have more control over your energy spending. In 2016 about 88 percent […]

Carson City, Sparks Nevada Solar: Need to Knows

Nevada Rooftop Solar

Get Your Free Custom Solar Quote Nevada has always been ideal for solar installation, but today is different. Over the past year, Solar installations have spread throughout the state. There are three major reasons for this unprecedented growth. Lasting Net Metering Changes for Nevada Solar Customers The 2015 net metering bait and switch was devastating […]

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