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Understanding Nevada Solar Programs

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has taken many steps towards becoming an environmentally friendly state. With many sun hours and a lot of unused space that can be dedicated to solar, Nevada is a premier state to harness the power of the sun. Nevada knows this and the state government has implemented many programs to help solar grow. There […]

Solar Mirrors in Nevada: What Are They?

Nevada Solar FAQs

If you’ve driven through any of the major highways in Nevada, you’ve probably seen one of several large installations out in the desert. These installations are formed of thousands upon thousands of mirrors, all reflecting the merciless desert sun towards a central point. As you can probably guess, these are huge power plants. But how […]

Nevada Solar Tax: Your Homeowner Guide

Nevada Solar Policy

When most people think of solar power, their first thought is residential solar. Residential solar is when solar panels are installed on a home’s roof or, in more rare cases, in the backyard. Residential solar is an important part of the efforts to bring renewable energy to America. However, it is not the only part.  […]

Nevada Solar PUC Guide for Consumers

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has continued to grow as a major solar state for the past several years. This is partly due to Nevada’s very solar-friendly environment. The other big part is that Nevada has been enacting increasingly pro-solar policies for several years now. With the minor hiccup in Nevada’s net metering laws behind us, we can focus […]

Backup & Solar for Nevada Earthquakes

Nevada Solar Facts Blog

As a solar company, we leverage nature to create energy. However, we also respect the force of nature when manifested in natural disasters like earthquakes, which is why we have solar products to help homeowners prepare for these events. Like most important things, emergency preparedness may not seem important among the many urgencies in day-to-day […]

NV Energy Net Metering Policies

NV Energy

Net metering allows solar-powered homeowners to sell their excess solar production to their utility. The customers can then purchase power from the utility when their array isn’t producing.  Ideally, power taken off and put on the grid would have the same rates. However, some utility companies have determined that 1-to-1 metering ratios aren’t in their favor.  […]

Nevada’s 2021 Renewable Energy Legislation Update

Nevada Solar Policy

The 2021 season has brought with it a host of legislative actions and potential bills. Perhaps the most important bills for Nevada residents, homeowners and business owners focus on energy. Nevada has determined that greenhouse gases have caused the majority of Nevada’s climate change issues. The Nevada legislature, as a result, has moved legislation forward that […]

Del Sol Energy: Reno Competitor Comparison

Nevada Solar Company Comparisons

Nevada homeowners searching for the best solar company are likely to find a wide range of choices, from local installers to national corporations.  To aid decision-making, this article compares two competitors in the Reno metropolitan area of Nevada — Go Solar Group and Del Sol Energy — based on their ratings, educational offerings, product choices, […]

SolarCity Nevada: Competitor Comparison

Nevada Solar Company Comparisons

When looking for the best solar company for your home, it pays to be picky. Choosing the right solar installer can save money and time. For the most informed decision, let’s first take a closer look at SolarCity’s background.  SolarCity is a nationwide solar energy company founded in California in 2006 by Elon Musk’s cousins. […]

Nevada’s New Clean Car Standards and Solar

Nevada Solar Policy

Nevada has elected to accelerate initiatives to eliminate climate concerns and improve public health. The Clean Cars Nevada initiative is one way the state plans to reduce air pollutants.  This initiative will evaluate and adopt regulations that encourage dealerships to offer more zero and low-emission vehicle options by 2024. It will also provide other clean and efficient […]

Company Comparison: Great Basin Solar

Nevada Solar Company Comparisons

Nevada homeowners searching online for the best solar company are likely to find a confusing array of options. Two experienced, well-established companies are likely to emerge from the pack: Go Solar Group and Great Basin Solar. To make this easier for Reno’s solar-curious people, we have crafted a comparison of key facts between Go Solar […]

Reno Off-grid Solar Kits With Batteries

Nevada Battery Backup

What is an off-grid solar kit? Are they useful? Are there better options? You may find yourself asking these questions while researching the best way to power your own home with solar energy. Choosing the best solar option can be a difficult and sometimes confusing topic, which is why Go Solar Group is here to […]

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