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Should I Get Solar Panels Now or Wait?

Solar panel ROI

Homeowners interested in solar panels for their home at some point have asked themselves when is the best time to get solar. Solar is an investment, which means there are several factors to consider. As with other investments, it is wise to consider all of the factors involved before jumping in. Taking an in-depth look […]

Ways Solar Can Save Homeowners in 2019

Solar panel ROI

Solar is a no brainer; photovoltaics help homeowners the community and the world. Here are some of the arguments for solar and why this decision will be one of the best ones you will make. Monetary Value of Photovoltaics Often money is what holds us back from our dream home updates, but solar doesn’t have […]

Cut Your Thanksgiving Cooking Costs with Solar Power

Solar panel ROI

Thanksgiving is the holiday known best for an insurmountable amount of food. Many look forward to spending time with their loved ones over a large dinner or lunch. Although Thanksgiving food is delicious we wish it wasn’t as expensive to prepare.   Time in the Kitchen on Turkey Day Most American’s spend about an hour […]

Solar Panel ROI and Financing Options

Solar panel ROI

Solar Panels’ Amazing ROI  Quick, which of these three home improvement projects offers the best ROI (return on investment)? Remodel the kitchen, replace the windows, or add some solar power? The answer is shocking for HGTV watchers who love the big unveiling of a snazzy new kitchen. Yes, some home remodeling projects return up to […]

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