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6 Steps to Valuable Solar Architecture

Solar Installation

These six inspired solar architecture ideas will increase the value of your home regardless of your reason. Adding solar to a pre-existing home can limit the solar panel options. However, that doesn’t invalidate these methods. Installing solar on a pre-existing home can increase its value while saving the homeowner thousands on electricity bills. 1. Blending the […]

Panel Racking System Brand & Benefits

Solar Installation

When it comes to solar PV, everyone tends to focus on the quality of the solar panel. While the type and quality of solar panels can determine the longevity of the array, it is also good to consider the quality of the solar array’s racking system.   Solar panel racking is part of the balance of system […]

Our 6 Step Solar Panel Installation Guide

Solar Installation

Once a customer has determined a solar company and financing option, they are ready to install solar. A solar array, however, can’t be installed at this point. There are still several other steps that are required. Often customers aren’t aware of what these processes are and how long it typically takes to complete them. This […]

Why Solar Permitting Issues Aren’t a ‘Bait & Switch’

Solar Installation

In the world of solar permitting, bait and switch is a dishonest advertising practice where permitting scenarios are not fulfilled as advertised. There is a difference, however, between bait and switch and unforeseen issues. Make sure the solar installer is not guilty of the prior before assuming negligence in the latter.  A False Advertising Example […]

Types of Installs: When You Need Them & How They Work

Solar Installation

This post explores the kinds of installs homeowners should consider when going solar. The functionality of the space often determines which installation type will work best. PV systems installed on rooftops often use one of two installation types: systems integrated into the roof and systems mounted over the existing roofing material. Ground mounts work for […]

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