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7 Celebrities Who Stand Behind Solar Energy

Solar Energy

With money to blow, it is intriguing to see what some celebrities are willing to spend their money on. Sometimes, however, having wealth means more than buying whatever you want. Many wealthy individuals also have the means to back causes they believe in. Solar is a cause worth investing in and these seven celebrities agree. […]

6 Ways To Bring Solar Lighting Into The Home

Solar Energy

Lighting your home can get expensive fast. That’s why many people turn off the lights when they leave a room or at least when they leave the house. If, however, you implement solar lighting you don’t have to worry about your electric bill. 6. Solar Powered String Lights Solar powered christmas lights are one way […]

9 Powerful Life Lessons to Learn from Solar Energy

Solar Energy

As you rise out of bed every day, the sun also rises, and when the earth turns on its axis to give sunlight to the other side of the globe, you also retire from the day’s work and go to bed. Your very biorhythms jive and sync at the whim of the sun, and the […]

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