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String Inverters vs. Microinverters: What’s the Difference?

Facts About Solar Energy, How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?, How Solar Panels Work, Solar Inverter

Micro and string inverters are easily confused. Having a sound knowledge of the difference between the two helps individuals determine which is a better fit for their situation. How Inverters Work Before we can dive into the difference between inverter types, a basic understanding of what an inverter does is needed. An inverter is a […]

How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?

How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?

First, let’s look at a simple introduction to how solar-powered electricity really works. If you’d like to dive into the more technical details of how solar works, skip down to Part 2. 1. How does a solar panel work to create electricity? PV cells, or “photovoltaic cells,” are solar panels that are mounted on homes […]

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