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Fossil Fuels Versus Renewable Energy Subsidies

Facts About Solar Energy

Some argue that we shouldn’t support solar because the subsidies that make it affordable come from taxpayers. Taxes, however, subsidize a wide range of energy products, not just solar. Let’s shed some light on how energy subsidies work. What Energy Subsidies Do and How they Work A subsidy, according to the World Trade Organization, includes […]

Residential Solar Benefits

Facts About Solar Energy

In the solar industry, there are three main divisions of solar: utility, commercial, and residential solar. When looking for solar, homeowners have two options. They can opt into their utility’s solar program, or they can find a residential solar company. Although businesses and utility companies have installed the largest share of solar, residential solar is a […]

The Art of Choosing a Solar Company

Facts About Solar Energy, How To

There are a plethora of solar installation companies, and the differences in these companies can sometimes be difficult to determine. One of the major differences between competing solar companies is the different types and brands used for each aspect of the solar installation; from solar panels to inverters and kinds of backup options. Another big […]

Defining the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Facts About Solar Energy

In America, energy portfolios help make solar a viable option, but not everyone knows what this term means. Every industry has terminology that is only understood within it. These terms can be detrimental when the terminology impacts others outside the industry. Renewable Energy Portfolios are one of these terms. A Renewable Energy Portfolio is more than a […]

Solar Panel Reliability: A Closer Look

Facts About Solar Energy

Electricity is a big deal. It powers our homes and the lifestyles we lead. Electricity, however, wasn’t always such an integral part of our lives. Even after the invention of electricity, few had accesses to it. It took another fifty years after Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb before the public started to power […]

The Ideal Location for Solar Panels

Facts About Solar Energy

Although the geographical area of a solar installation plays a part in how much sunlight solar panels receive, many locations around the world receive less sun but still thrive in the solar industry. Peak sun hours only account for a fraction of the time solar arrays capture sunlight. Although these hours yield the most solar […]

Solar Panels Increase Home Value

Facts About Solar Energy

Home value has a tendency to fluctuate. This has quite a bit to do with the economy in the area. However, this isn’t the only determining factor. The supply and demand for homes is a teeter-totter — always going up or down. Some of the influences on this swing in home value are location, amenities […]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Facts About Solar Energy

Solar power is a topic that has gained a lot of controversy as of late. Like everything else, it has both positive and negatives that need examining. Before deciding if solar is the renewable energy source for your home, take some time to weigh the pros and cons. The Cons of Solar Energy Although it […]

How Solar Influences Utah’s 2019 Environmental Progress

Facts About Solar Energy

Utah Valley pollution continually increases. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. Utah is starting to make some environmental changes and you can, too, with the help of residential solar power. Utah Climate Change and Solar Utah has been warming up, which means the hot dry summer months are even more barren than they […]

The Role Credit Score Plays in Solar Installations

Facts About Solar Energy

Last Updated on February 10, 2021 Since solar is a large ticket item, few can pay for it upfront. Many solar companies promote getting a loan or leased system so more people can afford to install solar. Although a solar loan is better for those looking to own their solar panels, both of these payment options allow […]

Increasing Energy Usage to Make Solar Worth It

Facts About Solar Energy

Last Updated: February 11,2021 Not everyone that wants solar can qualify for it. One of the reasons people can’t get solar panels installed on their homes is because they don’t use enough electricity to make solar a wise investment. A Monthly Power Bill of >$50 Generally Makes Solar Worthwhile The honest-to-god truth? Solar isn’t a […]

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