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Why Solar Panel Kits Don’t Compare to a Customized Array

Cost Of Solar Panels

Many have taken on some amazing DIY projects. Refinished/repurposed furniture, home improvements and life hacks are all over the internet. These are great feats of accomplishment that have saved money for these individuals. However, some DIY projects require specific skill sets that not everyone has. Solar installations are one of these projects. Solar panel kits […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Google’s Solar Panel Calculator

Cost Of Solar Panels

Although a wonderful idea, Google’s solar panel calculator is not a perfect guide. The impact residential solar can have on a home takes more than an impressive looking display.  Formulas and data specific to the state and utility in the area play a pivotal role in a quality solar calculator. This, however, isn’t enough to […]

Solar Panels for Home Cost: The Financial Realities of Solar

Cost Of Solar Panels

Solar panels for home cost less than most people think, all things considered. That said, the financial realities of going solar are yet to be explained in their entirety. The purpose of this post is to educate residential solar prospects about the financial realities of solar—and with an unbiased approach. Just the stuff you need […]

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