Solar as a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

Solar panel ROI

In today’s society, consumers evaluate the manufacturing process behind a product and the values of companies more than ever before. While this makes business more challenging, it also promotes positive change. Customers no longer only look at the cheapest product. They want products that come from sustainable sources. They care about companies that take responsibility […]

Backup & Solar for Nevada Earthquakes

Emergency Preparedness

As a solar company, we leverage nature to create energy. However, we also respect the force of nature when manifested in natural disasters like earthquakes, which is why we have solar products to help homeowners prepare for these events. Like most important things, emergency preparedness may not seem important among the many urgencies in day-to-day […]

How Home Solar Helps New Mexico’s Windy Weather

Emergency Preparedness, NEW MEXICO

Spring’s here, and for New Mexicans, that means wind. April and May have become synonymous with strong wind events across the state. Unfortunately, the result of windy weather can cause a lot of damage. Residents should know about the resources available and tips to handle New Mexico’s unpredictable weather. While New Mexico winds typically stay […]

What is NABCEP Certification?


NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is a reputable solar certification and accrediting organization ensuring homeowners can rely on solar installers with the right credentials to meet their needs. Many people feel safer seeing doctors who have earned board certification in their medical specialty. And many drivers might feel better crossing a bridge […]

Fossil Fuels Versus Renewable Energy Subsidies

Facts About Solar Energy

Some argue that we shouldn’t support solar because the subsidies that make it affordable come from taxpayers. Taxes, however, subsidize a wide range of energy products, not just solar. Let’s shed some light on how energy subsidies work. What Energy Subsidies Do and How they Work A subsidy, according to the World Trade Organization, includes […]

Critter Guards for Your Solar Panels

How To

Home solar panels typically are mounted only a few inches from the roof. While this gap allows air to circulate under the panels to prevent the array from overheating, it also can attract pesky critters. Do You Need a Critter Guard? Critter guards are not essential, but they have proven helpful in protecting homeowners’ solar […]

Tesla’s Low Solar Quotes

Cost Of Solar Panels

Adding residential solar can become an expensive project. While this investment pays for itself over the life of the array, comparing prices allows customers to get the most out of their solar arrays. With the rollout of the new Tesla solar panel pricing, customers have even more to consider. Let’s look at how Tesla products compare […]

How Solar Module Efficiency Affects ROI

How Solar Panels Work

When considering solar for your home, deciding on a type of solar panel becomes very important. Energy production starts with the solar panel. If this device isn’t efficient, then the rest of the system’s efficiency doesn’t matter. That said, how much power a solar panel produces and whether it’s efficient comes down to a couple […]

Universal PV Connector Standard for NEC 2020

Solar Facts

The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets the standard for electrical safety. Updates to the NEC occur every three years, and individual states typically enforce the new standard within a couple of years from the update.  These updates increase the safety of electrical components added to a variety of different products. While most of the solar-related […]

6 Steps to Valuable Solar Architecture

Solar Installation

These six inspired solar architecture ideas will increase the value of your home regardless of your reason for implementing them. Adding solar to a pre-existing home can limit the solar panel options. However, that doesn’t invalidate these methods. Installing solar on a pre-existing home can increase its value while saving the homeowner thousands on electricity bills. […]

Benefits of Portable Panels and Batteries

Emergency Preparedness

A home already powered by residential solar may not seem like it needs to add portable solar panels to the mix. However, portable panels complement standard home solar arrays quite well. While residential solar provides the electricity needed to power homes, portable solar panels mobilize the scale of solar’s potential, prolonging the life of portable […]

What Are The Best Solar Panels for Home Use?

Rooftop Solar

Many factors define the best solar panels for home use. Pinpointing these components helps homeowners determine which solar company has the solar modules best suited for their homes’ needs. Solar Panels: Home, Commercial or RV Use The best solar panel type depends on the consumer’s needs. Those looking for a solar panel to charge their […]

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