What Causes Solar Panel Degradation?

How Solar Panels Work, Solar Panel Maintenance

One of the pros of installing solar is the long warranty for solar panels. Although 25 years is impressive, it isn’t forever. Like other electrical material, solar arrays degrade over time. Causes of Solar Panel Degradation Degradation of solar panels is mostly weather-related. However, there are other things that can decrease the efficiency of a […]

Panel Racking System Brand & Benefits

Solar Installation

When it comes to solar PV emphasis is put on the quality of the solar panel. This is a determining factor, but the quality of racking is also important because it’s a major factor in the balance of system in residential solar. The balance of system can be considered to be anything that is not […]

Solar-powered Generators: What to Look For

Emergency Preparedness

Solar-powered generators let consumers take the power of solar panels with them wherever they go. However, you should purchase one that matches your solar-specific needs, and that can get complicated. Portable Solar Generators for Camping For the camping fanatic, portability, weight and charging are determining factors. However, for those who camp with all their essentials […]

Backyard Solar Panels: 5 FAQs

Rooftop Solar

When acquiring residential solar, people often think of standard rooftop mounts. However, homeowners can also have solar panels installed in their backyards in the form of a ground mount. If you are thinking about putting solar in your backyard, this is the post for you. Below are five backyard solar panel questions and their answers. […]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Facts About Solar Energy

Solar power is a topic that has gained a lot of controversy as of late. Like everything else, it has both positive and negatives that need examining. Before deciding if solar is the renewable energy source for your home, take some time to weigh the pros and cons. The Cons of Solar Energy Although it […]

Renewable Energy for New Utah Homes: A Quick Guide

Solar Facts

Solar energy for Utah homeowners has, in a sense, become its own form of social currency and social status: Homeowners with solar power in the Beehive State have a rooftop adornment that readily showcases their commitment to energy independence, financial intelligence, and commitment to environmental improvements, the final of these items being something of which […]

How Solar Influences Utah’s 2019 Environmental Progress

Facts About Solar Energy

Utah Valley pollution continually increases. This, however, doesn’t need to be the case. Utah is starting to make some environmental changes and you can too, with the help of residential solar power. Utah Climate Change and Solar Utah has been warming up, which means the hot dry summer months are even more barren than they […]

What Custom Utah Solar Looks Like

Solar Facts

Something resonates deep inside when we hear the word “custom.” Everyone loves the idea of being unique and having a product fit their needs perfectly. However, in the Utah solar industry, this word is tossed around all too readily. Weeding Out Fake Utah Solar Customization Claims Solar panels can and should be customized to fit […]

Solar Panel Types and Purposes

Solar Facts

Solar is an expanding industry. While there is still lots of research going into the types of solar panels on the market today, there is an equal amount of research going into the supply side of the equation on how to make these products even more efficient. All these types of solar panels have different […]

How to File Your Federal Solar Tax Credit

Federal Solar Tax Credit, How To

Getting solar for your home is great, but it is even better with the federal solar tax credit, also known as that Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This is because the ITC, as of 2019 and until 2020, covers 30 percent of the cost of solar if you have taxable income. To get this credit you […]

The Role Credit Score Plays in Solar Installations

Facts About Solar Energy

Since solar is a large ticket item there are few and far in between that can pay for it up-front. This is why many companies in the solar industry promote getting loans for leased systems. Although a solar loan is better if you are looking to own your panels, Both of these payment options allow […]

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