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Icon Energy and Florida Solar

Florida Solar Company Comparisons

One of the most important parts of going solar is choosing the right company for you. Each company has a slate of solar products, a way of installing equipment, and a variety of business practices. What about solar companies in the Sunshine State?  Icon Energy is a relative newcomer to solar in Florida. Established in […]

Amendment 4 and Florida Solar: Property Tax Exemption

Florida Solar Incentives

The best states for residential solar are those which offer strong incentives. Some of the best solar incentives are solar income tax credits, net metering, and utility rebates. However, many other incentives exist, including sales tax exemptions and property tax exemptions. Florida’s Amendment 4 has enshrined solar property tax exemptions into law. The Details of […]

Lessons Gleaned From A Florida Solar City: Babcock Ranch

Florida Solar FAQs

While residential solar panels are a common sight across America, solar has not yet become a mainstay of community electricity. Some places are trying to change that. A great example is Babcock Ranch — a solar-powered city in Florida. What is Babcock Ranch, and why is it unique? An Overview of Babcock Ranch, Florida The […]

Is a Tesla Solar Roof a Good Fit For Your Florida Home?

Florida Solar FAQs

New solar technology hits the market constantly, from new kinds of solar panels to more powerful inverters. One of the more recent innovations is the solar roof — replacing most or all of your roof with solar PV cells. Tesla commonly installs solar roofs.  Is installing a Tesla Solar Roof in Florida worth it? Let’s take […]

SolarCity Florida: Competitor Comparison

Florida Solar Company Comparisons

History Behind SolarCity Entering Florida Soon after Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016, it entered Florida. While SolarCity wanted to serve Flordia sooner, it waited until it was clear that Florida wasn’t going to pass Amendment 1. This amendment would have reduced the credit that solar customers received for the electricity they put on the grid. It […]

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Florida?

Florida Solar FAQs

Solar panels have been an investment for countless homeowners across the country. From the East Coast to the Mountain West, people have turned to residential solar to save money and make a difference in the environment. But what about Florida? Is it worth it to go solar in the Sunshine State? Let’s take a look. […]

2022 Florida Incentives for Residential Solar

Florida Solar Incentives

Several factors go into whether adding solar to your Florida home is worth it. Some of these factors include solar qualifications that those interested in solar need. However, solar incentives also play a significant role. These incentives range from the solar programs offered by the local electric provider and federal and state tax credits to […]

Solar Tax Credits in Florida: Past and Present

Florida Solar Incentives

When it comes to solar incentives in America, some of the best are tax incentives. For example, the federal solar tax credit (ITC) is one of the most popular and valuable solar incentives. Some states have tax credits for state income tax. They also offer tax credits and exemptions for other taxes associated with solar purchases. In […]

Duke Energy Florida Solar Programs

Florida Solar Incentives

Duke Energy has been supporting solar energy in Florida since 1988 when it built its first universal solar Since 1988, when it built its first universal solar array near the Econlockhatchee Trail,  Duke Energy has supported Florida solar energy. By 2023 Duke Energy will have 14 universal solar power plants totaling 718 MW. Universal solar is […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Florida in 2022?

Florida Solar FAQs

The cost of solar panels depends on the type of solar panels you decide to get and the system size you install. In Florida, how long your solar panels will last depend on whether they can withstand heat, humidity and hail. Thankfully, most high-quality solar panels are rated to withstand typical Florida weather conditions. However, […]

Florida Solar Property Tax Exemption

Florida Solar Incentives

The Government uses tax credits and exemptions to encourage investment in different industries. There are both federal, like the solar ITC, and state incentives for Florida solar. One of the most common state solar incentives is the property tax exemption. SEIA has recorded solar property tax exemptions in 36 states. Thankfully, Florida is one of those […]

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