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Our Install Process with Titan Solar Power

Solar Installation FAQs

Go Solar Group once had its own installation crew in its primary markets. Now, however, as we grow, we’ve decided to partner with Titan as our trusted installation team, which has a national presence and expertise specific to each solar market, which benefits our current and future customers immensely. You may think that you have […]

Who Is Responsible for Turning On the Inverter and Why?

Solar Installation FAQs

The sooner you can get your inverter up and running, the faster you can start producing power. But why? What role does the inverter play in a solar installation? What an Inverter Does for a Solar Array An inverter converts direct current (DC) from the solar panels to alternating current (AC) so homes can use […]

What is NABCEP Certification?

Solar Installation FAQs

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is a reputable solar certification and accrediting organization ensuring homeowners can rely on solar installers with the right credentials to meet their needs. Many people feel safer seeing doctors who have earned board certification in their medical specialty. And many drivers might feel better crossing a bridge […]

What Should I Do Post-Installation?

Solar Installation FAQs

Solar energy is a great way to decrease electric bills, but these savings can increase. By changing some habits, solar can help customers save even more. There are several reasons for purchasing solar. However, the driving motivator in the United States is often monetary. Solar customers already receive a return on investment. With these savings […]

How Much Solar Do I Need?

Solar Installation FAQs

How much solar you need for your home is actually a far more complicated question than you might think. There are a plethora of variables that go into calculating your solar needs; this post outlines a few of the major ones. Factors That Impact How Many Solar Panels Your Home Needs Most people that call […]

Our 6 Step Solar Installation Guide

Solar Installation FAQs

Once a customer has determined a solar company and financing option, they are ready to install solar. A solar array, however, can’t be installed at this point. There are still several other steps that are required. Often customers aren’t aware of what these processes are and how long it typically takes to complete them. This […]

So You Have Solar, Now What?

Solar Installation FAQs

Most focus on the process of choosing a solar array. It is also important, however, to know what you should expect after solar is installed. Monitoring System Production One of the first things that you will want to become familiar with is how to use your solar monitoring. What you need to do is dependent […]

Are Solar Permitting Issues a ‘Bait & Switch?

Solar Installation FAQs

In the world of solar permitting, bait and switch is a dishonest advertising practice where permitting scenarios are not fulfilled as advertised. There is a difference, however, between bait and switch and unforeseen issues. Make sure the solar installer is not guilty of the prior before assuming negligence in the latter.  A False Advertising Example […]

What Are Main Solar Install Types?

Solar Installation FAQs

This post explores the kinds of installs homeowners should consider when going solar. The functionality of the space often determines which installation type will work best. PV systems installed on rooftops often use one of two installation types: systems integrated into the roof and systems mounted over the existing roofing material. Ground mounts work for […]

6 Solar Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Solar Installation FAQs

Solar installation mistakes can make or break the boons of going solar, and some solar installation teams, sadly, are responsible for these mistakes. If you’re installing a couple solar panels to power one or two appliances in your homes, the onus of the mistakes is on you as you are probably the one doing the […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Installer

Solar Installation FAQs

Go Solar Group CEO, Scott Cramer, reveals solar prospect questions that result in successful solar installation and getting the best ROI on your solar panels as possible.  10. Why Do You Want To Go Solar? Is the decision financial, adding equity to your house, saving the planet, or a mixture of these reasons? Your answer […]

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