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What To Do If Your Solar Panels Are Broken

How to Solar FAQs

While solar panels don’t need extensive maintenance, they do degrade over time. In addition to the natural degradation of solar panels, they can also break. Understanding the potential reasons why solar panels might break before expected and what to do if they do will relieve stress.  Handling a Malfunctioning Solar Array If there is sufficient sun […]

Avoid Solar Panel Scams and Ripoffs

How to Solar FAQs

We’ve all heard the common adage from our parents — if it seems too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. The solar world is no different. With the meteoric rise of solar power, more and more companies are trying to hop on the bandwagon. While more companies offering solar […]

How Do I Use Solar Panels in a Power Outage?

How to Solar FAQs

Many think that solar panels are an excellent way to keep your home powered during an outage in your neighborhood. However, with the revision of the National Energy Code (NEC) in 2017, your home’s power lines are required to be shut off in the event of a problem with the grid. Because lineworkers may need […]

How Do I Get Rid of Solar Panel Glare?

How to Solar FAQs

One of the more common objections leveled against solar installations is that panels produce an unseemly amount of glare. This glare is said to be a nuisance and to cause any number of horrible things. However, when we dig beneath the surface, we find that many of these criticisms don’t hold up. To clear the […]

How Should I Choose an Installer?

How to Solar FAQs

There are a plethora of solar installation companies, and the differences in these companies can sometimes be difficult to determine. One of the major differences between competing solar companies is the different types and brands used for each aspect of the solar installation; from solar panels to inverters and kinds of backup options. Another big […]

How To Turn On Your Residential Solar System

How to Solar FAQs

Turning on your new solar system is a two step process. First, connecting the Direct Current (DC) part of the array. Then second, connecting the Alternating Current (AC) part of the array. Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be up and running. If at any time you have a question about turning on your […]

How To Use Solar Panels: Homeowners Checklist and Explanation

How to Solar FAQs

Knowing how solar energy works step-by-step, and how the panels themselves work, is just as important as making them work for you. That’s why we’ll divide this post into two parts: 1) An Explanation of how solar panels work and 2) A Checklist for getting the most out of your solar panels. How To Use […]

How To Clean Solar Panels: 8 Maintenance Truths

How to Solar FAQs

You may be asking yourself, “How do I clean my solar panels?” Or, “Do I need to clean my solar panels?” Take to these eight tips before you shell out money for expensive products or services. #1: Most solar panel arrays are self-cleaning. Solar panel cleaning is not necessary unless you can visibly see built-up […]

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