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What’s a Solar Carport System & How Does It Work?

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A solar carport is exactly what it sounds like — a carport with solar installed either in it or on it. A solar carport can be seen as a marriage of rooftop and ground-mount solar panels. It serves both as a covering for your car and as a way to generate electricity. But what are […]

What Are Solar Cooperatives?

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Most homeowners are familiar with electric utilities. They are the companies which provide your home with power from the grid. However, there are many different types of energy utilities. Some are public utilities, which are owned by the local government or taxpayers. Some are private utilities, which are owned by their stakeholders. Finally, there are […]

What Is Net Billing?

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Many solar homeowners, or potential solar homeowners, have heard of net metering. It’s a relatively simple concept that helps form the bedrock of your potential solar savings. However, net billing is something that isn’t discussed nearly as much. It is similar to net metering in many ways, but also differs in a couple of important […]

What Are Home Solar Kits?

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Solar panel kits often include solar panels, mounting brackets, wiring, a charge controller, and an inverter. Solar panel kits meant to power a home or essentials continuously also include battery backup or another form of solar backup. The necessary kit size for a home depends on how much power the homeowner uses and wants to […]

What is Passive Solar?

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As building techniques improve and we learn more about our climate, the energy efficiency of our buildings continues to improve. This goes for both homes and commercial-use buildings. By adopting new, environmentally-friendly building techniques, we can cut down both our carbon footprints and our power bills. The first step to understanding passive solar is to […]

Storage vs. Battery Backup for Home Solar

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Oftentimes the terms battery backup and backup are used interchangeably. However, these two terms are not the same. While battery backup is a form of backup, not all backup options are battery backup. Those interested in increasing the potential of their residential solar array may become confused by solar terms that sound the same. Understanding […]

Difference Between Solar Batteries and Generators

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When the grid goes down, generators aren’t always the best way to back up a home’s power supply. Generators have been the go-to for large companies and emergency preparedness gurus for quite some time. This is because generators have a low initial cost.  This, however, is where the appeal of generators stops. Let’s take a […]

What Is Solar Energy?

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The definition of solar energy is simple: solar energy is energy that is produced by the sun.  There are some amazing solar energy facts about the sun. For example, the Lunar and Planetary Institute describes how in just one hour the sun produces enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs. That’s like giving every […]

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