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Is the Solar Tax Credit Refundable?


Everyone wants to get a check at the end of tax season, but some of us end up having to send a check instead. With the federal solar tax credit (the federal ITC), you won’t have to worry about sending in a check — but does that mean you’ll be getting a check? It depends. […]

What Are the Top States for Residential Solar This Year?


When it comes to solar, not all states are created equal. Natural geography, state-level incentives, and the policies of individual utility companies all play a role in determining whether your state is good for solar. To help you determine whether your state is a good choice for going solar, we’ve put together a list of the […]

Solar Panels During Power Outages


Many think that solar panels are an excellent way to keep your home powered during an outage in your neighborhood. However, with the revision of the National Energy Code (NEC) in 2017, your home’s power lines are required to be shut off in the event of a problem with the grid. Because lineworkers may need […]

Solar Panel Glare FAQs


One of the more common objections leveled against solar installations is that panels produce an unseemly amount of glare. This glare is said to be a nuisance and to cause any number of horrible things. However, when we dig beneath the surface, we find that many of these criticisms don’t hold up. To clear the […]

What’s the Latest Solar Panel Technology?


Some people think that solar technology is at a dead end. They say that there’s no way forward and that we just have to worry about improving installation and making the paperwork more streamlined. However, there are still advances in solar panel technology coming down the pipeline, many of which could be held in the […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?


All electricity-based technologies, including solar panels, degrade over time. However, as part of this decade’s technological advancement, we have seen degradation rates decrease, which increases the lifespan of different electricity-based products. While some replace their products with newer models, the device they’re replacing often still works. The longevity of solar panels has also followed this […]

How Should I Choose an Installer?

Solar Companies

There are a plethora of solar installation companies, and the differences in these companies can sometimes be difficult to determine. One of the major differences between competing solar companies is the different types and brands used for each aspect of the solar installation; from solar panels to inverters and kinds of backup options. Another big […]

What is the Ideal Location for Solar Panels?


Although the geographical area of a solar installation plays a part in how much sunlight solar panels receive, many locations around the world receive less sun but still thrive in the solar industry. Peak sun hours only account for a fraction of the time solar arrays capture sunlight. Although these hours yield the most solar […]

What Are the Main Solar Energy Pros and Cons?


Solar power is a topic that has gained a lot of controversy as of late. Like everything else, it has both positives and negatives that need examining. Before deciding if solar is the renewable energy source for your home, take some time to weigh the pros and cons. The Cons of Solar Energy Although it […]

Main Types of Solar Panels and Purposes


The solar industry has expanded. While lots of research still goes into solar panel development, an equal amount of research goes into the supply side of the equation so these products can become even more efficient. Each solar panel has different efficiency levels and uses. Let’s review some of these photovoltaic panels and explore what […]

How Much Solar Do I Need?


How much solar you need for your home is actually a far more complicated question than you might think. There are a plethora of variables that go into calculating your solar needs; this post outlines a few of the major ones. Factors That Impact How Many Solar Panels Your Home Needs Most people that call […]

So You Have Solar, Now What?


Most focus on the process of choosing a solar array. It is also important, however, to know what you should expect after solar is installed. Monitoring System Production One of the first things that you will want to become familiar with is how to use your solar monitoring. What you need to do is dependent […]

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