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Solar Panel Square Footage Calculators: Why Not to Use Them

Solar ROI

A common misconception of solar panels is that the size of your home will determine how many you need. The idea is that a larger house with a bigger roof will use more energy than smaller houses. Therefore, it will need a larger solar installation to make up for that. This idea, however, is not […]

Solar as a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

Solar ROI

In today’s society, consumers evaluate the manufacturing process behind a product and the values of companies more than ever before. While this makes business more challenging, it also promotes positive change. Customers no longer only look at the cheapest product. They want products that come from sustainable sources. They care about companies that take responsibility […]

How Solar Module Efficiency Affects ROI

Solar ROI

When considering solar for your home, deciding on a type of solar panel becomes very important. Energy production starts with the solar panel. If this device isn’t efficient, then the rest of the system’s efficiency doesn’t matter. That said, how much power a solar panel produces and whether it’s efficient comes down to a couple […]

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Solar Companies

Solar ROI

Finding the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price. This concept is especially true for solar. Not all solar products are equal. The cheapest products are often of low quality. One of the reasons purchasing cheap solar panels is a problem is that they don’t last as long. Cheaply made solar panels often aren’t […]

Financial Benefits of Residential Solar

Solar ROI

In the solar industry, there are three main divisions of solar: utility, commercial, and residential solar. When looking for solar, homeowners have two options. They can opt into their utility’s solar program, or they can find a residential solar company. Although businesses and utility companies have installed the largest share of solar, residential solar is a […]

Should I Get Solar Panels Now or Wait?

Solar ROI

Homeowners interested in solar panels for their home have, at some point, asked themselves when is the best time to get solar. Solar is an investment, which means there are several factors to consider. As with other investments, it is wise to consider all of the factors involved before jumping in. Taking an in-depth look […]

Separate Yourself From Investor-Owned Utilities With Solar

Solar ROI

Utility companies have monopolized the electric industry. However, with the emergence of residential solar, this is changing. Solar gives people a choice. It frees customers from the shackles of an ever-increasing electric bill. To understand what solar can provide, let’s look at what traditional power is missing.  Types of Electric Utility Providers Within the energy […]

How Solar Panels Can Increase Home Value

Solar ROI

Home value has a tendency to fluctuate. This has quite a bit to do with the economy in the area. However, this isn’t the only determining factor. The supply and demand for homes is a teeter-totter — always going up or down. Some of the influences on this swing in home value are location, amenities, […]

Ways Solar Can Save Homeowners in 2019

Solar ROI

Solar is a no-brainer; photovoltaics help homeowners, the community and the world. Here are some of the arguments for solar and why this decision will be one of the best ones you will make. Monetary Value of Photovoltaics Often money is what holds us back from our dream home updates, but solar doesn’t have to […]

Don’t Forget Your Solar Incentives When Filing Taxes

Solar ROI

Most dread tax season, but if you have solar, you’re in for some good news. Those that have purchased solar get some significant tax credits and incentives. Commercial Solar Incentives Acquiring solar for your business comes with some commercial-specific solar incentives. Awareness of these financial enticements is the first step toward taking advantage of them. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Google’s Solar Panel Calculator as a Solar Quote

Solar ROI

Although a great idea, the Google solar panel calculator isn’t a perfect guide for solar power. The impact residential solar can have on a home takes more than an impressive looking display to find. Formulas and data specific to the state and utility in the area play a pivotal role in a quality solar calculator. […]

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