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Usage-Based Kilowatt System Sizing by Season

Qualifying for Solar

While there are many factors that go into the size of your solar installation, one of the biggest factors is energy usage. This doesn’t mean that other factors aren’t important, such as the size of your roof and the direction it faces, but these aren’t nearly as important to your solar savings.  To help you […]

What Is the Solar Evaluations Process?

Qualifying for Solar

No two homes are alike and, for that reason, no two solar installations are alike. To ensure that each homeowner’s solar process goes as smoothly as possible, we evaluate each home individually. By doing so, we can get a good idea of your home’s energy usage, its roof space, and its particular needs. Getting a […]

The Role Credit Score Plays in Solar Installations

Qualifying for Solar

Since solar is a large ticket item, few can pay for it upfront. Many solar companies promote getting a loan or leased system so more people can afford to install solar. Although a solar loan is better for those looking to own their solar panels, both of these payment options allow homeowners to make smaller payments over […]

Increasing Energy Usage to Make Solar Worth It

Qualifying for Solar

Not everyone that wants solar can qualify for it. One of the reasons people can’t get solar panels installed on their homes is because they don’t use enough electricity to make solar a wise investment. A Monthly Power Bill of >$50 Generally Makes Solar Worthwhile The honest-to-god truth? Solar isn’t a smart investment unless you’re […]

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