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Is the Solar Tax Credit Refundable?

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Everyone wants to get a check at the end of tax season, but some of us end up having to send a check instead. With the federal solar tax credit (the federal ITC), you won’t have to worry about sending in a check — but does that mean you’ll be getting a check? It depends. […]

The 2020 ITC Extension’s Impact on Residential Solar

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

For many, the solar investment tax credit (ITC) has made residential solar an option for their residence by decreasing the cost of adding a system to their homes. As a result, the price of solar has gone down over the years. However, homeowners still need the support of this tax credit, especially with the economic […]

How the ITC Reduces Cost of Whole Home Battery Backup

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Affordable solar storage has become even more vital for residential solar installations, given declining net metering returns and utility policies. Thankfully, some headway on this front has made solar storage an option for more solar homeowners. While most think of the solar tax credit as a credit that helps reduce the price of solar arrays, […]

Scheduled ITC Extensions & Info: 2019-2022

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Without the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), interested individuals will miss solar savings. Not everyone that has an interest in solar can qualify for it. If they don’t own a home, use enough electricity or have high enough credit, it may not be the right time for them to get solar. These individuals would be […]

GSG Unfazed by the ITC Phasedown

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

The future of solar is unclear, but one thing is certain — Go Solar Group will still be here. To stay in business, companies need to pay attention to market trends and plan accordingly. This is no easy task but Go Solar Group is confident that it is one they have mastered. The solar investment […]

2021 ITC Extension Info & Updates

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Americans are becoming more aware of the need to decrease their carbon footprints. However, without the right price tag, some homeowners won’t strive for energy independence. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 addresses the issue of renewable energy costs. It provides tax incentives and loans for different clean energy types, including solar panels for homes. […]

The Federal Solar ITC: What, How & Why

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Solar panels help the environment. However, with the federal solar incentive, they can also save money. This incentive makes solar affordable, which has increased solar installations in recent years. Since 2006 the ITC has helped solar growth increase by 52 percent annually. If those installing solar qualify for the tax credit, it can decrease the […]

How to File for the Solar ITC

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Adding residential solar to your home helps the environment. However, it can also save money with the federal solar tax credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The ITC, as of 2020, covers 26 percent of the cost of solar for those who have taxable income. To get this tax credit, solar customers need […]

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