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Best Way to Pay for Panels & Why It Matters

Solar Costs

Solar is a big-ticket item. Like any major addition to your home, it comes with a price tag that many homeowners would be unable to pay for in a single transaction. Luckily, most solar installers have multiple options available. We hope to help you understand the different ways to get solar and why the method […]

Tesla’s Low Solar Quotes

Solar Costs

Adding residential solar can become an expensive project. While this investment pays for itself over the life of the array, comparing prices allows customers to get the most out of their solar arrays. With the rollout of the new Tesla solar panel pricing, customers have even more to consider. Let’s look at how Tesla products compare […]

Intro to Solar Savings Calculators

Solar Costs

Everyone wants to save money. Saving money is the reason Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in America. However, for big-ticket items, calculating the best deal is a little more complicated than finding the lowest price. It requires looking at the long-term savings that the solar array is going to produce for […]

The Comparative Cost of Solar Arrays

Solar Costs

Investing in solar requires looking at costs in a different way. Although it is a big-ticket item, what it will save in comparison to the alternative is appealing to many. The price of solar is better than it has ever been, but that doesn’t mean it is worth it. When it comes to purchasing solar, […]

Why Solar Panel Kits Don’t Compare to Customized Arrays’ Costs

Solar Costs

Many people have taken on some amazing DIY projects. Refinished or repurposed furniture, home improvements and life hacks are all over the internet. These are great feats of accomplishment that have saved money for these individuals. However, some DIY projects require specific skill sets that not everyone has. Solar installations are one of these projects. […]

What’s the Difference Between Solar Generation & Utility Credited Solar?

Solar Costs

Often people install solar because of the savings rather than the environmental benefits. It is for this reason that people become upset when their utility and monitoring app show different numbers. There is, however, a logical explanation behind the difference in these numbers. This difference is better understood when you take a look at how […]

Solar Panel Costs in Cheapest Places to Go Solar

Solar Costs

The cost of solar panels has been driven down considerably in the past five years, but the cost of the panels themselves is just one factor of the price that goes into adopting solar solutions for your home. As a Utah solar company, we also want to shed light on other places where solar is […]

Solar Panels for Home Cost: The Financial Realities of Solar

Solar Costs

Solar panels for a home cost less than most people think, all things considered. That said, the financial realities of going solar are yet to be explained in their entirety. The purpose of this post is to educate residential solar prospects about the financial realities of solar — and with an unbiased approach. Just the […]

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