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Best Way to Pay for Panels & Why It Matters

Solar Costs

Solar is a big-ticket item. Like any major addition to your home, it comes with a price tag that many homeowners would be unable to pay for in a single transaction. Luckily, most solar installers have multiple options available. We hope to help you understand the different ways to get solar and why the method […]

Usage-Based Kilowatt System Sizing by Season

Qualifying for Solar

While there are many factors that go into the size of your solar installation, one of the biggest factors is energy usage. This doesn’t mean that other factors aren’t important, such as the size of your roof and the direction it faces, but these aren’t nearly as important to your solar savings.  To help you […]

Solar Panel Square Footage Calculators: Why Not to Use Them

Solar ROI

A common misconception of solar panels is that the size of your home will determine how many you need. The idea is that a larger house with a bigger roof will use more energy than smaller houses. Therefore, it will need a larger solar installation to make up for that. This idea, however, is not […]

What Is the Solar Evaluations Process?

Qualifying for Solar

No two homes are alike and, for that reason, no two solar installations are alike. To ensure that each homeowner’s solar process goes as smoothly as possible, we evaluate each home individually. By doing so, we can get a good idea of your home’s energy usage, its roof space, and its particular needs. Getting a […]

Solar as a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

Solar ROI

In today’s society, consumers evaluate the manufacturing process behind a product and the values of companies more than ever before. While this makes business more challenging, it also promotes positive change. Customers no longer only look at the cheapest product. They want products that come from sustainable sources. They care about companies that take responsibility […]

Is the Solar Tax Credit Refundable?

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Everyone wants to get a check at the end of tax season, but some of us end up having to send a check instead. With the federal solar tax credit (the federal ITC), you won’t have to worry about sending in a check — but does that mean you’ll be getting a check? It depends. […]

The 2020 ITC Extension’s Impact on Residential Solar

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

For many, the solar investment tax credit (ITC) has made residential solar an option for their residence by decreasing the cost of adding a system to their homes. As a result, the price of solar has gone down over the years. However, homeowners still need the support of this tax credit, especially with the economic […]

Tesla’s Low Solar Quotes

Solar Costs

Adding residential solar can become an expensive project. While this investment pays for itself over the life of the array, comparing prices allows customers to get the most out of their solar arrays. With the rollout of the new Tesla solar panel pricing, customers have even more to consider. Let’s look at how Tesla products compare […]

How Solar Module Efficiency Affects ROI

Solar ROI

When considering solar for your home, deciding on a type of solar panel becomes very important. Energy production starts with the solar panel. If this device isn’t efficient, then the rest of the system’s efficiency doesn’t matter. That said, how much power a solar panel produces and whether it’s efficient comes down to a couple […]

How the ITC Reduces Cost of Whole Home Battery Backup

Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

Affordable solar storage has become even more vital for residential solar installations, given declining net metering returns and utility policies. Thankfully, some headway on this front has made solar storage an option for more solar homeowners. While most think of the solar tax credit as a credit that helps reduce the price of solar arrays, […]

Intro to Solar Savings Calculators

Solar Costs

Everyone wants to save money. Saving money is the reason Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in America. However, for big-ticket items, calculating the best deal is a little more complicated than finding the lowest price. It requires looking at the long-term savings that the solar array is going to produce for […]

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Solar Companies

Solar ROI

Finding the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price. This concept is especially true for solar. Not all solar products are equal. The cheapest products are often of low quality. One of the reasons purchasing cheap solar panels is a problem is that they don’t last as long. Cheaply made solar panels often aren’t […]

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