7 Steps to Solar in Carolina

Solar in Carolina saves money while preserving the environment. This renewable option, however, isn’t for everyone. Go Solar Group is here to bring awareness to the opportunity for solar in Carolina. 

Carolina's Solar Potential and What Sets Go Solar Group Apart

Follow the pathways below to go on a solar learning quest and become an expert on solar power.

Seven Steps To Going Solar in Carolina

Make your Carolina solar experience a breeze with Go Solar Group.

1 Talk to a Knowledgeable Solar Appointment Setter

The first step before receiving an accurate price is setting an appointment. At Go Solar Group, interested parties first talk to a knowledgeable appointment setter. The appointment setter asks about the information needed to size the system and set up an in-person appointment.

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2 Meet In-Person To Discuss the Specific Needs of Your Home

After setting a non-obligation appointment, we will send a solar consultant to your home, and interested parties can expect the solar consultation will not turn into a pushy sales pitch. The solar consultant goes over the details of the proposal and answers any questions.

3 Learn About the Quality Product Options

We pride ourselves in using quality, 315-watt monocrystalline German-engineered solar panels and state-of-the-art inverters. See our updated product suite for more information.


4 Choose a Solar Installer That Works for You and Your Carolina Home.

Choosing a solar installer is not a light task, but once done, the searching is over. Once a homeowner decides to use Go Solar Group, the home goes through a series of checks to make sure the proposed plans for the home will work.

5 Stress-Free Solar Panels Documentation Completed for You

After settling the system's payment method, Go Solar Group can start the pre-installation paperwork. We make sure that all you need to worry about is signing on the dotted line. 

Go Solar Group's National Installation Partner, Titan Solar Power

6 A Trusted Carolina Installation Crew

At Go Solar Group, we work with Titan Solar Power as our National Installation Partner to make sure the install is prompt and correct. Once the pre-installation paperwork approval goes through, we will set an appointment for the installation.

7 Watch the Solar Savings Roll In

After installation, net metering, and inspection, the system is ready to turn on. With a flip of a switch, the home can now generate power, saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

After the array installation, make sure to complete documentation to obtain the federal tax credits and kept it in a safe place for future reference.

Calculate Your Carolina Solar Savings Now

Discover the potential savings associated with going solar in Carolina with our custom solar calculator.

Carolina Solar Panels Q & A

If you have questions regarding Carolina solar, we have answers.

Do I Need To Own My Home?

Owning the home is very important to the process of installing a solar array. Interested parties that don't own the home need the owner to agree to the installation.

What Does Credit Have To Do With Qualifying for Solar?

For many, solar is not something they can pay for in one lump sum. Carolina solar companies are aware of this. As a result, they create relationships with financing companies they trust.

If the homeowner's credit score is in the 700's or higher, they should qualify for any solar loan. However, credit scores in the high 600s still have some loan options. 

Why Is Owing Taxes Important for Solar?

Because of the federal solar tax credit, homeowners can have up to 26 percent of their system covered. This tax credit is equivalent to thousands of dollars. To qualify for this tax credit, the person has to owe taxes. 

Do I Have Enough Usage To Qualify for a Solar System?

For both the homeowner and the Carolina solar company to benefit, the home needs to use a certain amount of electricity. At Go Solar Group, the minimum residential usage requirement is 6,000 kWh a year, which equals an average of 500 kWh a month.

How Can I Maximize My Solar Savings?

While solar panels save money on electric bills, the optimization of these savings is possible through solar plus technologies and add-ons.

They allow solar customers to stay connected to the grid at an affordable price. However, during an outage, grid-tied solar arrays need to turn off. Unless the home has some form of battery backup, solar power will do homeowners little good during a blackout or short power outage. 

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