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Solar Panel With Half-Cut Cells

What Are Half-Cut Solar Cells?

Half-cut solar cells are exactly what they sound like: solar cells that have been sliced in half. There are many benefits to half-cut solar cells...
LG vs. AEG Polycrystalline Module

LG Versus AEG Polycrystalline Module Comparison

Adding solar to your home is no light matter. Taking the time to compare brands and products will help you make the best decision for...
Nevada Solar Programs from RETA to Property and Tax Abatements

Understanding Nevada Solar Programs

Nevada has taken many steps towards becoming an environmentally friendly state. With many sun hours and a lot of unused space that can be dedicated...
LG vs. SunPower Solar Panels

LG vs. SunPower Solar Panel Comparison

Both SunPower and LG are well-known brands within the solar industry. They are known for producing high-quality products. In this product comparison, we will ascertain...
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

Solar Mirrors in Nevada: What Are They?

If you’ve driven through any of the major highways in Nevada, you’ve probably seen one of several large installations out in the desert. These installations...
LG vs. Trina solar panels

LG Vs. Trina Solar Panels Comparison

Adding solar to your home is not a task to take lightly. Once you have decided which type of solar panel will work best, it's...
DIY Solar With Wires

Difference between DIY Solar and Portable Solar Kits

Many solar terms can be confusing to newcomers to the industry. What is DIY solar? What are portable solar kits? Are they the same thing?...
Residential Solar & NM Power Shortage Stress

Solar Alleviates NM Utility Power Shortages

Over the last several years, utilities have struggled to keep up with the electricity needs of New Mexicans. While winter storms cause havoc, the summer...
DOKIO vs. Goal Zero solar panels

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Vs. DOKIO 220W Foldable Kit Comparison

When comparing portable solar panels, there's a wide range of solar panels in this category. A portable solar panel could be anything from handheld solar...
The New Mexico Solar Tax Credit Details

The New Mexico Solar Tax Credit: Important Details

Most potential solar homeowners know of the federal solar tax credit, which takes 26% of the cost of your solar array and credits it to...
Renogy Foldable 100 W vs. Goal Zero Boulder 200: Portable Module Comparison

Renogy 100-Watt Foldable Panel vs Goal Zero’s Boulder 200

Most of the time, Go Solar Group's product comparisons for solar panels compare the same wattage. However, this comparison doesn't. Instead, this comparison looks at...
Vicoffroad vs. Goal Zero: portable solar panels

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Vs. Vicoffroad Foldable 200 Watt

Portable solar allows the owner to take their fuel with them where they go. However, not every solar panel is created equal. For this reason,...

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