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ITC Extension and Solar Customers

ITC Extension and Solar Customers

Without the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), interested individuals will miss solar savings. Not everyone that has an interest in solar can qualify for it....
Unfazed by the ITC Phasedown

GSG Unfazed by the ITC Phasedown

The future of solar is unclear, but one thing is certain. Go Solar Group will still be here. To stay in business, companies need to...
2020 ITC Phase Down

2020 ITC Phase Down

Postponing big-ticket investments isn't always smart. Americans are becoming more aware of the need to decrease their carbon footprint. However, without the right price tag,...
solar and robotic parking

Robotic Parking Valets and Solar

Solar is the answer to the problems that automated parking poses. Medical advancements have made it possible for people to live long full lives. Part...
best roofing material for solar installs

Combining Energy Efficient Roofing With Photovoltaics

Installing solar on a home is a great way to decrease power bills. However, if they are combined with an energy-efficient roof, it can maximize...
NV Energy Storage Programs

Nevada Energy’s Storage Programs

Ever wonder what the big deal behind solar storage is? Nevada is a booming state for solar. The problem is that solar arrays can’t store...
Should Solar Panels be a Home Requirement?

Should Photovoltaic Panels be a Home Requirement

On May 9, 2018, California's energy commission mandated that new homes have photovoltaic arrays. Starting in 2020, this new provision will be in effect. With...
HOA and Utah Solar Access Law

HOA and Solar Access Law

Solar has become a popular commodity in Utah. It is hard to drive down the street without seeing at least one home with solar panels....
solar panel reliability

Solar Panel Reliability: A Close Look

Electricity is a big deal. It powers our homes and the lifestyles we lead. Electricity, however, wasn't always such an integral part of our lives....
ideal location for solar panels

The Ideal Location for Solar Panels

Although, where in the world a solar installation is done plays a part in how much sunlight solar panels will receive. There are many places...
solar and Reno living costs

Combating Reno’s High Living Costs With Solar

A couple of dollars here and there for eggs, milk, and hygiene essentials seem minuscule, but it adds up. Add rent, transportation and utilities and...
Solar Increases Home Value

Solar Panels Increase Home Value

Home value has a tendency to fluctuate. This has quite a bit to do with the economy in the area. However, this isn't the only...

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

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