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San Antonio Peak Sun Hours and Solar Panel Tilt

San Antonio Peak Sun Hours and Solar Panel Tilt

Peak sun hours and the tilt of the solar panels are factors that impact San Antonio solar generation. Because solar arrays are reliant on sunlight...
Getting San Antonio Solar Panels

Consumer Logistics for Texas Solar Installs

Residential solar gives homeowners control over their power production, particularly in San Antonio. Post solar installation habits also help solar homeowners become more aware of the amount...
Texas Solar Energy Production

Why Solar Energy Production Matters in San Antonio

Like everything else in Texas, energy consumption and production is bigger. As an energy-exporting state with numerous surrounding areas relying on the Lone Star State's...
Battery Backup for Texas Residential Solar

Beat the Heat with Battery Backup

In Texas, particularly its bigger cities, power continuity is an issue. Hot summers make it difficult for utilities to keep up with the energy demand....
CPS Energy Free Smart Thermostat and Solar

Smart Thermostat Programs & San Antonio Solar

Smart thermostats have become all the rage these days, especially in cities like San Antonio, where the heat can cause large-scale power outages. While smart thermostats...
Solar Savings and the CPS Energy Calculator

How to Leverage CPS Energy’s Calculator with Solar Estimates

CPS has an energy cost calculator that gives an estimate of how much electricity would cost through this utility. The tool allows customers to determine...
San Antonio Residential Solar Panels Cost and Savings

Solar Cost and Savings Factors for San Antonio Homeowners

If San Antonio's potential solar buyers only looked at how much solar cost, no one would buy it. However, that is a bit like looking...
Decrease Your San Antonio Electricity Rates With Solar

How to Decrease the Cost of Electricity in Texas

Being a homeowner is an expensive ordeal for Texans. All the little things we want and need quickly add up. From travel expenses, food, and...
Storing Solar Energy

The Importance of Solar Energy Storage

Because of the way solar panels work, solar arrays don't generate continuous power on their own. They do, however, produce enough excess electricity to power a...
solar batteries vs. regular batteries

Difference Between Solar Batteries and Normal Batteries

All batteries have a chemical reaction that results in an electric current that is then used to power things. How the electrical current is formed...
Not all Energy Storage is Battery Backup

Not all Energy Storage is Battery Backup

One of the most common solar storage options is battery backup. However, not every solar storage option is battery backup. There are lots of different...
Why Backup and Battery Backup are Different

Why Backup and Battery Backup are Different

Often the terms battery backup and backup are used interchangeably. However, these two terms are not the same. When used interchangeably these two terms can...

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