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Go Solar Group vs. BlueRaven

Blue Raven Solar vs. Go Solar Group

Every solar company has pros and cons, which is why we want customers to have the facts when deciding which solar company is the best...
San Antonio Solar - an Introduction

Why 100% Offset Isn’t Achievable for Most Texas Homes

Reaching an offset of 100 percent is harder than it looks and sounds. While many Texas homeowners own solar homes, most don't have 100 percent...
Sunpro Solar vs. Go Solar Group

Sunpro Solar vs. Go Solar Group

Not everyone has the benefit of a friend with an inside look at what each solar company offers. That is why Go Solar Group offers...
GSG Solar Install

San Antonio Renewable Energy Act and Credits

The Public Utility Regulatory Act is Title 2 of Texas's Public Utility Code, which pertains to solar power in that area. This section details the...
San Antonio Solar Rebates with CPS in 2018

2020 CPS Solar Rebates: What You Need to Know

Rebates for San Antonio residents make solar an affordable option. In Texas, there aren't any state rebates. Residents only have federal and utility rebates to...
Utah Solar Array Installed by Go Solar Group

Avoid Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Power purchase agreements, also known as PPAs, were started in the solar industry to ease the financial burden of installing solar panels. The problem is...
Reno Solar Home

Nevada Portfolio Energy Credits (PECs)

Nevada has a history of proving its worth in the solar industry. As a result, lawmakers realize that Nevadans care about renewable energy, specifically residential solar....
comparing solar companies

Nevada Competitor Comparison: Blue Pacific Solar

Determining which solar company to go with for your Reno home is no light task. Many considerations go into an in-depth company comparison. A few...
Emergency Prep Supplies: 7 Must-Haves

Why Emergency Prep Isn’t Just for Preppers: 7 Must-have Items

Emergency preparation often has a connection with the zealous prepper who hoards rolls of toilet paper and water to outlast the next zombie apocalypse. While...
a sunrise in the industry

Finding Hope During COVID-19 with Solar

With the chaos that has ensued as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it may be hard to find the light at the end of...
Nest E smart thermostat

Using the Nest E Smart Thermostat With Solar

The Nest Thermostat allows homeowners and business to take their energy consumption habits into their own hands. Combining these two devices helps decrease pollution, saves...
New Mexico Subdivision

New Mexico Utility Overview for Homeowners Interested in Solar

Because New Mexico is close to the equator, solar makes sense, but the weather patterns aren't the only determining factor for installing solar.  Because homeowners...

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