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Utah Solar Metering Changes in 2020

New PSC Solar Rate Met with Pushback

In 2017, the Public Service Commission (PSC) agreed with Rocky Mountain Power and solar advocates to reduce the then one-to-one net metering program to 90...
Carbon Tax Alternatives

Alternatives to Carbon Tax: Will They Work?

Many solar proponents feel strongly about the benefits of carbon taxes. However, not everyone agrees that this tax best promotes renewables, such as solar energy....
blockchain and solar energy

Solar & Blockchain Platforms

Individuals can generate their power through residential solar. However, often when a solar array produces more than it needs, the utility pays less per watt...
Renogy Vs. Axitec solar panel comparison

How Renogy Solar Panels Compare to Axitec

Typically Renogy's solar products work best for recreational vehicle applications. The company has a wide selection of portable and scaled-down solar panels, allowing the company...
Solar Module Energy Production

How Module Efficiency Affects ROI

When considering solar for your home, deciding on a type of solar panel becomes very important. Energy production starts with the solar panel. If this...
The ITC and Solar Storage

How the ITC Reduces Cost of Whole Home Battery Backup

Affordable solar storage has become even more vital for residential solar installations, given declining net metering returns and policies from utility companies. Thankfully some headway...
Mismatched Connectors & the NEC 2020

Universal PV Connector Standard for NEC 2020

The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets the standard for electrical safety. Updates to the NEC occur every three years, and individual states typically enforce the...
Overcoming DC Optimization Challenges with Inverters

Overcoming DC Optimization Challenges

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity from the sun, but homes in the United States don't run on DC; they run on alternating current...
6 Inspired Ways to Add Value With Solar Architecture

6 Steps to Valuable Solar Architecture

These six inspired solar architecture ideas will increase the value of your home regardless of your reason. Adding solar to a pre-existing home can limit the...
PV Energy Storage in Reno

Reno PV Energy Storage

While solar arrays allow homeowners in the Reno area to generate their own power, solar modules alone won't store it. That's where battery backup comes into...
ION Solar vs. Go Solar Group

ION Solar vs. Go Solar Group

While we want you to become a customer, we also want to help you make an informed buying decision when considering residential solar for your...
Added value of solar panels

How to Increase Utah Home Value With Photovoltaics

While many like the idea of solar, many Utahns are yet to experience its benefits. Often these individuals believe solar won't add value to the...

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