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Nevada Net Metering in 2021

NV Energy Net Metering in 2021 and Beyond

Net metering allows solar-powered homeowners to sell their excess solar production to their utility. The customers can then purchase power from the utility when their array...
New Mexico Wind-Caused Outages & Solar

How Home Solar Helps New Mexico’s Windy Weather

Spring's here, and for New Mexicans, that means wind. April and May have become synonymous with strong wind events across the state. Unfortunately, the result...
Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Which Is Best?

Monocrystalline vs Polycrystalline Which Is Best?

Homeowners who decide to go solar hear a lot of new terms from solar companies. Among the most common are descriptors of two types of...
Nevada Energy 2021 Legislation

Nevada’s 2021 Renewable Energy Legislation Update

The 2021 season has brought with it a host of legislative actions and potential bills. Perhaps the most important bills for Nevada residents, homeowners and...
sonnenCore vs. Powerwall Solar Battery Comparison

sonnenCore vs. Powerwall

Sonnen created a number of home batteries that compete directly with the Powerwall 2, which includes sonnenCore. Unlike the ecoLinx, this solar battery only has one...
Battery Backup Product Comparisons

Home Generators vs Solar Batteries

More homeowners are shopping for home generators or solar battery-backup systems amid a rise in severe storms, power outages, and grid shutdowns. In light of the...
ecoLinx vs. Powerwall_ home battery comparison

Solar Battery Showdown: Sonnen ecoLinx vs Powerwall

Solar arrays don't produce as much power when the sun isn't out. Most solve this problem by connecting to the power grid, allowing them to...
What is NABCEP Certification?

What is NABCEP Certification?

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is a reputable solar certification and accreditating organization ensuring homeowners can rely on solar installers with the...
Powerwall 2 vs. Encharge Home Solar Battery Comparison

Powerwall 2 vs. Enphase Encharge

Solar-powered homes reduce electricity bills. However, on their own, they won't work during an outage without some sort of backup power supply or battery backup...
NM Legislation Worth Considering_ Climate Leadership Council

New Mexico Climate Solutions Act

While the 2021 legislative session did not pass New Mexico Climate Solutions Act, it's likely to return in the 2022 legislative session. One reason why this...
Del Sol Energy Competitor Comparison

Del Sol Energy: Reno Competitor Comparison

Nevada homeowners searching for the best solar company are likely to find a wide range of choices, from local installers to national corporations.  To aid...
Solar City Competitor Review

SolarCity Nevada: Competitor Comparison

When looking for the best solar company for your home, it pays to be picky. Choosing the right solar installer can save money and time....

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