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Solar-Powered Colorado Home in an HOA

HOA Access Laws & Colorado Solar

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are given quite a bit of leeway in determining their community rules. They can control the color and length of your lawn,...
Solar Legislation in Colorado Brings Savings

SB261: Implications for Residential Solar

Solar legislation is not a static thing. Each year new and dynamic policy gets passed across the country. Some policies remove restrictions on community solar...
HOA Solar Access Law Statute 163.04

HOA Solar Access Law Statute 163.04

Before getting residential solar, you need to consider whether it's worth investing in solar. There are a variety of things that may make residential solar...
Colorado Has Many Hidden Solar Benefits

Benefits of Solar in Colorado

Solar power in Colorado comes with more benefits than just clean energy and cutting down your power bill. It can help keep your home cool...
SunPro Competitor Comparison Florida

Florida Competitor Comparison: SunPro vs. Go Solar Group

Florida is a wonderful place to add residential solar. However, which solar company you choose for your installation can make a huge difference. A quality...
What's the Status of Solar in Colorado?

What’s the Status of Solar in Colorado?

Solar energy is a key part of Colorado’s overall renewable energy portfolio. In fact, Colorado was the first state to pass a renewable energy standard...
Colorado Net Metering Incentives

Colorado Net Metering Incentives

Net metering is one of the most important incentives available to solar homeowners. Your utility company’s net metering policy can make or break your solar...
Florida Net Metering

Florida Net Metering Incentives

Net metering incentives often make or break residential solar. Knowing the net metering incentives in your state and what policies might change them in the...
Solar Skins - Solar Panel Camouflage

What Are Solar Skins?

Solar technology has blossomed over the past couple of years. There are several different solar panel technologies out there that claim they enhance the efficiency...
Colorado Solar Panels by Mountains

Colorado Solar Policies: Past, Present, and Future

Colorado has not been idle when it comes to solar policy. The state was the first to institute a renewable energy portfolio by popular approval....
Why DIY Solar Panel Kits Usually Fall Short for Most Consumers

Why Solar Panel Kits Usually Fall Short

Going solar is no small feat. It takes time, savings, and know-how. Many people think that it is as simple as unpacking the solar panels...
Tesla Powerwall on Side of Home

Where We Install the Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is the go-to name for home battery backup. When combined with residential solar, the Powerwall can potentially eliminate your power bill. The...

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