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Benefits of Portable Panels and Batteries

A home already powered by residential solar may not seem like it needs to add portable solar panels to the mix. However, portable panels complement...
Best Solar Panels for Home Use

What Are The Best Solar Panels for Home Use?

Many factors define the best solar panels for home use. Pinpointing these components helps homeowners determine which solar company has the solar modules best suited...
Goal Zero vs. Tesla

Goal Zero Yetis Vs Tesla Powerwalls: Specs and Uses

Given the way solar panels work, an array won't produce energy without sunlight, which means it needs a way to store power from excess electricity produced...
How Long do Solar Panels Last?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

All electricity-based technologies, including solar panels, degrade over time. However, as part of this decade's technological advancement, we have seen degradation rates decrease, which increases...
EV Charging with Residential Solar

EVs, Renewable Power, and Car Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are now so popular that their demand has generated innovation from their manufacturers, driving down prices. When combined with EVs fuel efficiency,...
residential solar installation

Reaching Carbon Neutrality with Nevada Residential Solar

Those who achieve carbon neutrality either reduce their carbon footprint or offset it with other environmental efforts. Both large corporations and individuals can decrease their...
Nevada Solar Installation by Go Solar Group

Making Your Reno Home Net-zero With Solar

With the increased focus on climate change, many Reno Nevada citizens want to make a positive difference. However, with everything that entails, the effort needed...
electric vehicles & Solar

Plug-in Hybrids, EVs and Residental Solar

The cost to commute adds up fast. In 2016, the average motor gasoline price expenditure per Utahan was $983. While COVID-19 has pushed 2020 gas prices down,...
Reno Solar

Efficient Energy Use in Reno

A lot of hype surrounds increasing energy efficiency, some cities and states have done something about it. Reno recognizes the importance of taking care of...
Best Solar Panels for Home Use

Monofacial Vs. Bifacial Monocrystalline Modules

Solar panels determine how much energy a solar array absorbs. A solar panel rated for 200-watts can't produce more than 200 watts of electricity per...
Sunworks competitor comparison

Go Solar Group vs. Sunworks

Nevada's solar policy makes residential solar an easy decision for homeowners. Deciding on a solar company, however, is a more complicated process. To make determining...
solar home installation

Solar Power Facts From Solar Energy Experts

When considering solar power for a home, all the aspects need consideration. While a financially sound decision for homeowners, solar energy experts know that other...

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