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Is residential solar worth it in San Antonio?

Is San Antonio Residential Solar Worth It?

Because of the push for more solar, installations have popped up everywhere. For Texans, however, the choice to invest in something isn't determined by popularity....
what an inverter does for solar

What an Inverter Does for Solar

Solar panels get a lot of attention, but they aren't the only aspect of a solar array. There are several off-the-panel factors that go into...
solar panels and battery backup

When Purchasing Battery Backup is a Good Option

There are many reasons to purchase battery backup. However, if someone uses the wrong backup option, it can lead to a negative experience with the...
Positive Post Solar Installation Habits

Positive Post Solar Installation Habits

Solar energy is a great way to decrease electric bills, but these savings can increase. By changing some habits, solar can help customers save even...
win yeti 3000

Our 2019 Yeti 3000 Sweepstakes: Enter for a Chance to Win

Want a chance at a $3,000 product that not only lets you harness portable solar power for camping and other outdoor activities, but also potentiates...
Solar and the Renewable Energy Portfolio

Defining the Renewable Energy Portfolio

In America, energy portfolios are key to solar, but not everyone knows what this term means. Every industry has terminology that is only understood within...
Industries That are Better off With Solar

Industries That are Better off With Solar

Solar is a booming industry; however, it isn't the only beneficiary. Other players also benefit from the increase in photovoltaics. There is a wide range...
Nevada Solar Power Savings

An Inside Look at EIA’s Hourly Electric Grid Monitor

What is the appeal of hourly electric grid monitoring? At first glance, this information may seem irrelevant. At least for the average joe looking for...
Expanded Solar Access with AB 465

Expanded Solar Access In Nevada: AB 465

Nevada passed legislation to expand solar access. This, however, doesn’t mean everyone in Reno can get solar. This bill is, however, another step in the...
The Green New Deal and Residential Solar

The Green New Deal and Residential Solar

The recent hyper-focus on global warming has brought with it a national push for the Green New Deal. The idea of the Green New Deal,...
Solar Panel Installer, Go Solar Group

Separate Yourself From Investor-owned Utilities With Solar

Utility companies have monopolized the electric industry. This, however, is changing with the emergence of residential solar. Solar gives people a choice. It frees customers...
ERCOT's Energy Emergency Alert and Solar

ERCOT’s Energy Emergency Alert and Solar

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) knew that this summer would be hot. They, however, weren't prepared for the August heat. On August 13th...

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