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MACRS and Solar Powered Home Offices

MACRS: Green Energy Home Office Incentives

When people think about business expenses, they think about the office. However, many now have offices in their homes. The good news for solar-powered homeowners...
solar powered data centers

Renewable Data Centers: the Wave of the Future

It is hard to imagine our world without large companies like Netflix, Apple, Google, and Amazon. Without reliable data centers, these businesses wouldn't have a...
solar generator options

Solar-powered Generators: What to Look For

Solar-powered generators let consumers take the power of solar panels with them wherever they go. However, you should purchase one that matches your solar-specific needs,...
questions about backyard solar panels

Backyard Solar Panels: 5 FAQs

When acquiring residential solar, people often think of standard rooftop mounts. However, homeowners can also have solar panels installed in their backyards in the form...
Why Utahans need solar with a Powerwall

Why Utahans should use Tesla Powerwalls with Solar

Some believe solar power took a turn for the worse in November 2017 when Rocky Mountain Power nixed its 1:1 credit for excess solar-generated power...
San Antonio Homes Average Energy Usage

Comparing Your Energy Needs to the Average San Antonio Home

Electricity use is dependent on the area the home is in. Large homes in moderate climates need the same or less energy as small homes...
Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar power is a topic that has gained a lot of controversy as of late. Like everything else, it has both positive and negatives that...
When to add solar to a Utah new build

Renewable Energy for New Utah Homes: A Quick Guide

Solar energy for Utah homeowners has, in a sense, become its own form of social currency and social status: Homeowners with solar power in the...
solar related bill in Texas

Texas Senate Bill 2066: It’s Impact on Residential Solar

Texans interested in solar have faced numerous city restrictions. These restrictions make it difficult for those who want solar on their homes to get it....
Nevada solar and increased portfolio standard

Nevada’s Most Recent Renewable Energy Bill

Each state's renewable portfolio standard plays a large role in whether it is a good place for solar. These standards encourage utilities to incentivize renewables....
helping Utah's environment with solar panels

How Solar Influences Utah’s 2019 Environmental Progress

Utah Valley pollution continually increases. This, however, doesn't need to be the case. Utah is starting to make some environmental changes and you can too,...
NV Energy solar and storage incentives

Simplifying the Solar Generations Program

NV Energy customers have a unique opportunity to increase their solar savings. However, their incentive requirement PDF is a daunting 48-page leviathan of valuable, but...

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