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Utah coal plants closing

Why Solar is Worth it in Utah: Coal is Phasing Out

Because solar is a big ticket item, considering whether it is a viable option is important. The first step to determine if solar is right...
ways you save with solar

Ways Solar Can Save Homeowners in 2019

Solar is a no brainer; photovoltaics help homeowners the community and the world. Here are some of the arguments for solar and why this decision...
the increase in solar calls for a grid update

Rethinking the Power Grid: Increasing Reliance on Solar

When the grid was first used it powered factories and the homes of wealthy individuals. The average person, however, still used lamps for light. As...
the future of solar jobs is secure

How Solar Can Boost U.S. Jobs in 2019

Solar has had a lot of hype; as a result, many states have decided to improve solar policy. For many across the country, the rewards...
U.S. Power Grid and Solar Powered Cybersecurity

Solar Power As a Solution to U.S. Cyber Security Threats

The U.S. power grid contains over 120,000 miles of electrical wiring, a network spanning more than half the distance to the moon. The grid, as...
enhance your commercial solar installation

Creative Ways to Utilize Solar Energy in Business

There are many reasons for using solar for your business. Let's take a look at some of the ways that business have implemented solar. Eco-Efficiency...
health benefits of solar panels

5 Health Benefits Of Going Solar

Health is an important part of life. If we aren’t healthy, we can’t enjoy life or perform normal daily activities. Here are five ways in...
solar is a cause worth investing in

7 Celebrities Who Stand Behind Solar Energy

With money to blow, it is intriguing to see what some celebrities are willing to spend their money on. Sometimes, however, having wealth means more...
The benefits of solar for businesses

5 Ways Solar is Benefiting Businesses

Solar is a big boon to businesses that have invested in photovoltaics. Here are a few of the ways that companies benefit. 1. Save Money...
light up your home with solar

6 Ways To Bring Solar Lighting Into The Home

Lighting your home can get expensive fast. That's why many people turn off the lights when they leave a room or at least when they...
backup in a power outage

Utah Solar Customers During Davis County Power Outage

In today's society power is key to our daily routine. Electricity provides every day convinces; most, however, don't think about their reliance on electricity until...
Frequently Asked Nevada Solar Questions

So You Have Solar, Now What?

Most focus on the process of choosing a solar array. It is also important, however, to know what you should expect after solar is installed....

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