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Go Solar Group is a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installation partner

The Tesla Powerwall: How it Works

Although Tesla is known for its electric vehicles and other cutting edge innovations, its solar product line has gained significant traction. Many people are excited...
factors that impact Utah solar

2020 Utah Solar Trends

There has been lots of commotion within the Utah solar community as of late. Last year, news spread of Rocky Mountain Power decreasing energy efficiency...
getting solar in Reno, Nevada

Understanding Laws in Reno Area

What you can do with your Nevada solar panels is dependent on laws and regulations within your state. Solar regulations can either make or break...
power continuity resolved with solar

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Solar Facts

People often think of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for computers and medical devices. However, this isn't the only reason for having a UPS. Solar and...
Why get solar in Reno: Solar capacity

Reno Solar Capacity Factors

When it comes to solar capacity in Reno, Nevada, there are several factors that play into it. These include net metering rates, current solar capacity,...
Utah municipal utilities and solar

Why Solar is Still Worth it in Utah With Net Metering Policy Changes

Most of Utah has Rocky Mountain Power as their utility. However, there are smaller municipal utilities across Utah. Some of these utilities have great net...
combining solar and nest thermostats

Rocky Mountain Power Nest Rebate and Solar

Rebates can be a bit of a pain, but when you take advantage of them they can save you quite a bit. Rocky Mountain Power...
portable solar backup

Level 2 Portable Solar Generator Benefits

The main benefit of Go Solar Group's Level 2 Portable Solar Backup (SPS+Portable Solar Battery), is that it lets you take the excess power you've...
qualifying for solar

The Role Credit Score Plays in Solar Installations

Since solar is a large ticket item there are few and far in between that can pay for it up-front. This is why many companies...
How to get high enough usage to make solar power worth it.

How to Get High Enough Usage to Make Solar Worthwhile

Not everyone that wants solar is able to qualify for it. One of the major reasons people aren't able to get solar panels installed in...
power continuity resolved with solar

Solar Improves Power Continuity for Remote Workers

Across the nation, telecommuting and Remote work have increased. In 2017, 43 percent of workers telecommuted at least part-time; this is a huge jump from...
Utah GSG solar incentive

Salt Lake City’s Uncapped Renewable Energy Potential

Solar is worth the investment, but the Utah solar incentives make the deal even sweeter. Incentives are made possible through solar policy. This can also...

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