How Solar Tanks Improve Battery Backup

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How Solar Tanks Improve Battery Backup

Solar panels are best paired with some sort of battery backup. Battery backup helps you keep more of the electricity produced by your solar panels each day. It can provide power to you at night or in emergencies. In particular, portable battery backup is the perfect tool for traveling, disasters, and power outages. Go Solar Group’s Level 2 battery backup consists of the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x and the Yeti 3000. Let’s take a look at the specifications and how you can improve their storage capacity.

Level 2 Battery Backup Specifications

The first choice that solar homeowners face is choosing between the Yeti 1500x and the Yeti 3000. Both have their uses, so which one is best for you will depend on your circumstances. Both the 1500x and the 3000 come with 10 charging ports to ensure that you don’t have to choose which devices to keep charged. Both are lithium-ion batteries, which have longer lifespans and better depth-of-discharge. Finally, both can be charged from wall outlets or directly from solar panels.

Yeti 1500x vs. Yeti 3000 Battery Backup

The Yeti 1500x is lighter but also stores less electricity. Generally speaking, it can power your devices for 12-24 hours. The Yeti 3000, on the other hand, can power your devices anywhere from 24-48 hours. However, that comes with the downside of weighing more. To help mitigate the weight increase, the Yeti 3000 comes with a cart.

Level 2’s Portable Solar Panel

Along with your battery of choice, you will also receive a Boulder 200 portable solar panel. This solar panel, while not as strong as the panels on your roof, can still be used to charge your Yeti throughout the day. Because the panel is portable, you can take it with you to extend your battery’s life while camping or on other road trips.

Extend Your Solar Battery’s Life With Goal Zero Yeti Tanks

Alongside the standard battery storage and the portable solar panel for on-the-go charging, you can expand your Yeti’s capacity through the Link and Tanks. 

How the Yeti Link and Solar Battery Tanks Work

The Yeti Link Expansion is an adaption for your Yeti solar battery. It can be plugged into the battery itself and then used as a connector to attach other batteries to the Yeti. These other batteries are known as Tanks. Tanks are a simple but powerful way to beef up your portable solar.

What Are Solar Battery Tanks?

Tanks are lead-acid battery expansions that can be attached to a Yeti battery. Lead-acid batteries, while not as strong or long-lasting as lithium-ion batteries, are still a solid choice. Most cars, for example, are powered by rechargeable lead-acid batteries. They are not separate batteries themselves and can only be linked to your Yeti. Each Tank adds 1,250 kWh of power to your Yeti. This can power small appliances for quite some time. The Level 2 battery backup tier gives you the option of adding up to four Tanks to your battery for a total of 5,000 Wh (or 5 kW) of energy. You can use this energy to power your washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher all at the same time. 

Are Solar Battery Tanks Worth It?

Do you go on outdoor adventures? Do you often have power outages? These are just two of many reasons to choose our Level 2 battery backup tier and get a Yeti battery with Tanks. They compare well against other forms of portable solar and can help the savings roll in.


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