Battery Backup: Why Every Solar Home Needs It

Battery Backup

Solar ads often portray solar power as the hero during a power outage. However, the truth is that without storage, this isn’t the case.

Homes with solar often have net metering. Net metering allows homeowners with solar to put their excess electricity on the grid. The customer’s electric bill then receives as a credit, so they don’t have to pay as much for the power they use at night.

Grid-tides homes with solar, however, don’t produce power when the sun isn’t out. Solar arrays can not store excess energy on their own and are required to shut off during power outages.

Solar Homes With Battery Backup

Battery backup solves the problems associated with residential solar. It stores excess solar power for later use, which allows solar to increase savings lost when utilities credit excess solar at a lower rate than customers pay for utility-generated electricity. 

Battery backup gives off-grid homeowners another reliable energy solution. It increases the homeowner’s independence without sacrificing the luxuries electricity offers.  

Battery backup also gives grid-tied solar homes access to power during outages. These homes can continue to function for hours or days, depending on the battery-backup option selected and the amount of energy used.

Emergency Battery Backup Power

Emergency battery backup power is different than home battery backup. It only provides enough power to ensure the necessities run. This type of battery backup option has made solar a viable option for more people.

Grid-tied Solar Homes With Battery Backup

Although solar decreases homeowner dependence on the grid, it doesn’t take it away completely. Solar homes with battery backup stay grid-tied for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that utilities charge customers to disconnect from the grid. This disconnection fee deters people with homes already connected to the grid from being completely off-grid after their solar installation.

Another reason is that the grid gives solar customers an added backup feature incase the solar array doesn’t function properly.

Home Battery Backup Power

One of the things that most Americans value is independence. While solar promises this, it isn’t able to be fully realized until customers invest in an energy storage option.

Homeowners have several different battery backup options. These options allow them to choose how independent they want to be.

They can get batteries that are large enough to power their entire home. Or they can get smaller portable batteries that allow them to power essentials in the house or on the go.

Whole House Battery Backup Power

Whole house battery backup or home batteries are large rechargeable batteries that power most or all of the home for several days. There are several different home batteries on the market right now.

 Portable Solar Battery Backup

portable solar battery backup is a smaller rechargeable battery with a handle for carrying or wheels so individuals can push or pull it. Portable batteries allow those that can’t afford or want a home battery to still have power in an emergency. 

Go Solar Group’s Battery Backup Options

At Go Solar Group, our focus has been solar storage options for residential installs. We know that home battery backup isn’t an option for everyone, but that it is a necessity for solar homes to function at their best.

As a result, Go Solar Group has specialized in solar backup options. These solar backup options allow our customers to have access to solar storage no matter what size their pocketbook is.

To give our customers the best options and make sure we comply with the NEC 2017 rapid shut down requirements, we have updated our backup levels. Now, each level includes battery backup; we offer three levels of battery backup

Level 1 Battery Backup: Power the Basics

The first level of battery backup allows customers to power their basic needs. It includes a Goal Zero lithium-ion battery, a portable solar panel, so it can charge when away from home, and a home integration kit (HIK).

 Level 2 Battery Backup: Increase Your Reach

The second level of battery backup gives solar customers the option to expand their storage capacity without having to invest in a home battery. This option comes with all the same features as level one, but it also has up to four lead-acid battery extensions, also known a the Yeti Tank Expansion Battery.

 Level 3 Battery Backup: The Tesla Powerwall

The third level of battery backup offered at Go Solar Group is the Tesla Powerwall. This home battery can power an entire home. If enough Powerwalls are purchased, these batteries can power a home for several days before they need to recharge.


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