Battery Backup Product Comparisons

Battery backup completes any solar installation. Storing your electricity is the first step towards energy independence. Learn about and compare various battery backup options to couple with your solar panels. Make an informed decision for which battery options work best for your renewable energy needs. Can't find what you're looking for below? Visit our solar battery product comparison blogs.

Battery Backup Comparisons by Brand

The Tesla Powerwall is Go Solar Group's battery backup of choice. Learn more about its workings and how it stacks up against the competition.

Fortress Power has been in the battery business for years. They recently released the latest version of their eVault battery. If you want to know more about how the eVault stacks up with the Tesla Powerwall, click on the graphic below.

Panasonic was Tesla's main supplier of batteries until March of 2021. Tesla now has a deal worked out with CATL. If you want to learn more about how Tesla's Powerwall 2 compared to Panasonic's own line of batteries, click on the graphic below.

At Go Solar, we want you to make the most educated choice possible when it comes to solar hardware. To help you with this, we have compared the Tesla Powerwall and the Generac PWRcell to see which is right for your home.

The LG Chem RESU is a popular choice for high-quality batteries, but does it beat out the Tesla Powerwall? Click the graphic below to find out.

The sonnenCore is the most affordable option to come out of the battery giant, sonnen. The products produced by sonnen are some of the Powerwall's main competitors. Learn more about the pros and cons of each by clicking the graphic below.

sonnenCore vs. Powerwall Solar Battery Comparison

The Enphase Encharge is a relative latecomer to the battery market. It first released in 2019 and is the inverter giant Enphase's first foray into batteries. Does the the newcomer have what it takes to beat the Powerwall? Take a look and find out.

Powerwall 2 vs. Encharge Home Solar Battery Backup Comparison

The sonnen ecoLinx is the "luxury" option from the battery giant, sonnen. It packs an array of features — and a price tag to match. How does the expensive exoLinx compare to the economic Powerwall? Find out by clicking the graphic below.

ecoLinx vs. Powerwall home battery comparison

Generic Battery Backup Comparisons

Are you confused about what sets solar battery backups apart from other forms of batteries? Learn more about why certain types of batteries are better than others and why solar panels plus backup brings more energy security than gas-powered generators.

Gasoline powered generators are a common emergency preparedness item. But, for those who are worried about energy security, they may not be as good as a solar battery. Check out our comparison below to see how solar batteries and fossil fuel generators compare.

Most solar batteries on the market are lithium-ion — and for good reason. Below is a link to our writeup on why lithium-ion batteries beat out other options, like lead-acid.

While the Tesla Powerwall is Go Solar Group's battery backup of choice, many homeowners don't need a ground or wall mounted solar battery. Learn more about more portable forms of battery backup and how they compare to each other.

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