Month: September 2018

What Homeowners Can Learn from Solar Energy Farms in Nevada


Solar farms have been leading the way in solar installation. This is because installing mass anything is going to be far cheaper per unit.  Recently, however, residential solar sales have increased. Residential installations have increased due to the federal tax credit and local incentives.  Many aren’t aware of this option though and others wonder if […]

How Solar Can Fix Utah’s Inversion Problem

Utah Clean Energy

Hearts sink with the thought of firefighters doing their best to put out the flames of wildfires across the west. Our hazy valley isn’t only from the large fires set ablaze in the west though. Pollution In the Utah Valley – How Solar Helps When you can’t see the mountains on the other side of […]

Handheld Solar Panels: Harness the Sun in the Palm of Your Hand

Solar Facts

Being an adventurist doesn’t mean you are a minimalist. Many people that love to explore the outdoors keep at least a cell phone with them. In our day in age having a way to charge your devices is critical. The hard part is deciding on a charging device. The Appeal of a Handheld Solar Charger […]

2019 Guide to NV Energy Approved Solar Installation

NV Energy and Solar Panels

Getting solar for your home can be a pain if it isn’t done right. Knowing your Utility’s expectations is vital to getting a solar array installed. NV Energy Solar Array Sizing Stipulations Your utility can make or break a solar installation. Every utility has different array sizing stipulations. Before you can even start your application […]

Why It’s the Perfect Time To Go Solar

Does Solar Make Sense

For those that see the benefits of solar the question is when to make the investment; not if to make it. Although not the right timing for everyone it might be the right time for you. Taking a look at what goes into this investment will help you better decide if now is the perfect […]

San Antonio Solar GVEC Solar Programs and Incentives in 2018

San Antonio Solar

Solar options get determined by your utility provider. Most individuals in San Antonio use CPS Energy. There are some on the outskirts of town, however, that use different energy providers. GVEC is one of these providers.   GVEC 2018 Rebates: Solar And More GVEC has several rebates in place to help their customers conserve energy. Energy […]

Getting Solar Panels For Your San Antonio Home

San Antonio Solar

  Getting solar for your San Antonio home doesn’t have to be difficult. There are three major components that go into the Texas solar decision. First, you determine if your home is a good fit for solar, you decide your method of payment, and then pick a company to go through.   Determining If Your […]

Tesla Powerwall and Solar Backup In San Antonio

San Antonio Solar

When Go Solar Group first started installing they realized something was missing. People who got solar weren’t getting protected against blackouts. Many think that they have nothing to worry about when they install solar. This, however, isn’t the case unless you have the right system installed. Now that Go Solar Group has become a San […]

Solar Screens in San Antonio: How They Compare

San Antonio Solar

In San Antonio, escaping the heat is a necessity. Many Texans experience high energy bills as a result. One way many have decided to solve this problem is through solar screens. Solar Screens for Windows in San Antonio Solar screens are normally placed outside your window. This is to prevent the window from heating up […]

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