Month: August 2018

Buying Used Solar Panels In San Antonio: Why Not?

San Antonio Solar

For years solar technology has been unaffordable for the general public. Within the last decade, however,  solar panel prices have had a drastic dropped. The price drop and local photovoltaic incentives have made solar cheaper than ever.  With resale value and utility savings solar has become an investment worth considering. Many people are now able […]

2018 CPS Solar Rebates: What You Need to Know

San Antonio Solar Incentives

Rebates for San Antonio residents interested in solar can help make solar an affordable option for people that want clean energy. In Texas, there aren’t any state rebates so you only have federal and utility rebates to help you out. If you have a regulated utility that doesn’t want to support solar then getting an […]

Nevada Solar Energy’s Important Ballot Measures in 2018

Nevada Solar Energy

November 6th of 2018 may prove to be a historical moment in the lives of Nevadans and solar power in the Silver State. Two important measures are being voted and what you decide will sway the outcome. Question 3: Deregulation of Nevada Electricity Currently, Nevada is a semi-regulated state. Over the years NV Energy has […]

San Antonio Solar: Municipal Advantages for Residents

San Antonio Solar

San Antonio has been blessed by having a forward-thinking municipally owned Energy Utility, CPS Energy and a citizenry with open minds that are supportive and understanding of the need for renewable energy. Now, San Antonio is the only Texas city rated as a top ten for Solar capacity in the USA. Surprisingly, Austin is only […]

Why San Antonio is Headed Toward Solar Energy “Blockchains”

San Antonio Solar

The Solar Energy Industry is in constant evolution and blockchain is adding a heap of disruptive advantages that will be in the favor of residential solar producers and consumers. What was once a push and pull between the supply and demand side of solar will likely even out in one of the Lone Star State’s […]

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