Month: April 2018

Clarifying Nevada Rooftop Solar’s No-Cost Programs

Nevada Rooftop Solar

Free Custom Solar Quote Clarifying the misconception of no-cost Nevada rooftop solar programs is imperative to your process when you are in search of the best solar solutions for your Reno home. Everyone wants to save as much as possible and free is even better. Advertisements about free products are often misleading though. Clark County […]

Nevada Solar: Why Commercial Solar is Different

Nevada Commercial Solar

Free Custom Solar Quote Nevada Commercial solar is different than residential and these distinctions are imperative. You will need to look at the different factors to see if it is a viable option for your business. It’d be a mistake to learn about rooftop solar in Reno or Las Vegas and assume those same principles […]

Utah Solar Companies: A Comparison of the Best Contenders

Utah Solar Companies

Comparing local Utah solar companies is vital to your solar investment. We have reviewed some of Utah’s solar companies for you to compare. While we like to think we do the best job, there are a lot of Utah solar companies with whom you can entrust your solar experience. It all just depends on what […]

NV Energy and Solar Net Metering: The Past, Present and Future

Solar Panels Reno NV

Understanding NV Energy’s past, present and future will help shape your solar purchase decision for your Nevada home. First, let’s dive into a brief history of the utility company that has, until recently, had a pretty tempestuous relationship with the Nevada populace, particularly those in Reno.  NV Energy Rate History: Net Metering Changes Nevada first […]

Putting Solar Panels on an RV: What You Need to Know

Solar Panels for RVs

As your go-to for solar information, we want to first and foremost make it clear that Go Solar Group does not put panels on RVs. We do, however, want to help you out if that’s what you want to do. That is why we have put together this post. While we do not sell every […]

Nevada Solar Installers: 5 Things They Should Do

Nevada Solar Installer

Regardless of whether you ask, your Nevada solar installer should tell you what you need to know about solar at all stages of the buying cycle: From research and investigation of your own home’s solar viability to the electrical codes your supplier should know about, an installer is only as good as his or her […]

Commercial Solar Installs in Reno NV: FAQs and Answers


From branding yourself as a green business to your buying demographic to reducing your business’s power bills on a large scale, commercial solar is becoming a smart option for Reno Nevada businesses, and this article will detail why. Getting commercial solar for your Reno business comes with a spread of questions. We will explore what […]

Certified Solar Companies in Reno Nevada: Designations to Look for


Understanding solar designations will guide you to a qualified/reputable and certified Nevada solar company. If you want a quality install, you need to make sure your chosen solar company has the certifications to make it possible. NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) NABCEP stands for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Their […]

Solar Panels for Pools: What Reno NV Homeowners Should Know

solar panels for pools

 In Reno, one of the ten sunniest cities in America, a swimming pool is the norm. Have a swimming pool, however, means larger power bills. Getting solar for your pool will save you thousands. Solar Panels for Your Nevada Pool In a 2012 study by Opower, electricity researchers found that homes with pools use 49 percent […]

Should I Still Buy Solar in Reno?

NV Solar Facts

Reno is one of the sunniest cities on the planet, making solar an extra profitable and wise investment. However, Reno recently faced some concerning times when the solar industry was bait and switched by the Nevada PUC. This has made purchasing solar, which is already a big decision, a harder one to make for many […]

Utah Residential Solar: Selling Energy Efficient Homes

Utah Residential Solar

When you go to sell your home, what you do with your solar array is a big decision that can have a momentous impact on your savings, sale price, and more in the state of Utah. Keep reading to learn more about Photovoltaics’s place in the sale or refinancing of your home.  The Sale of […]

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