Month: March 2018

Net Metering Policies in the 10 Most Popular States for Solar

Solar Community

One of the factors that makes a state a popular candidate for solar is net metering policy. Having a good metering agreement makes the ROI of solar even stronger for homeowners and businesses. Until total home battery backup becomes an affordable option, solar will stay grid-tied. As a result, most solar customers for the time […]

Why You Shouldn’t Use Google’s Solar Panel Calculator

Cost Of Solar Panels

Although a wonderful idea, Google’s solar panel calculator is not a perfect guide. Understanding how Google’s Sunroof program works will help you understand why this is the case. Sometimes a more impressive looking display and fancy list of accomplishments as a search engine aren’t the perfect formulas for knowing the impact residential solar can have […]

Utah Solar Policy: What You Ought to Know

Utah Solar Policy

Keeping current on solar policy in Utah will help guide your decisions. Here are a couple of policy-related topics that will serve you well should you decide to stay up-to-date on them.   Utah Public Utilities Commission Knowing what your utility company’s regulations for solar customers are will help you know if it is a good […]

What Kind of ‘Vibes’ & Energy Do You Give Off?


Did you know the human body generates enough electricity to fuel an iPhone in only 70 hours? Scientists have also asserted cities may be able to generate electricity merely from human footsteps. Given that your brain and heart are both conduits for electrical activity which influences your energy, bad and good ‘vibes’ are definitely a […]

The 5 Best Utah Solar Energy Resources

Utah Solar Energy

Finding credible solar information can be difficult. There are, however, five sites that give credible information on this topic.  In your quest for answers don’t forget to check these sites out.      5. Utah Solar Energy Association (USEA) The USEA mission is to promote the growth of Utah’s solar industry. They meet their goals through public […]

Become a Prosumer for Utah’s Energy Efficiency Efforts

Sustainable Living

As someone that cares about your community and family, it is in your best interest to become a prosumer. A prosumer is a customer that takes an active role in the products they care about. You can help by buying products and doing things that promote healthy living. Rocky Mountain Power Efficiency Incentives One way […]

String Inverters vs. Microinverters: What’s the Difference?

Facts About Solar Energy, How Do Solar Panels Create Electricity?, How Solar Panels Work, Solar Inverter

Micro and string inverters are easily confused. Having a sound knowledge of the difference between the two will help you determine which is a better fit for your situation. How Inverters Work Before we can dive into the difference between inverter types, you need a basic understanding of what an inverter does. An inverter is […]

The Ethical Arguments for Utah Solar Energy

Utah Clean Energy

Solar energy is not just an environmental push. Other ethical arguments support it too. Take a look at how solar is influencing the world.  Solar Generates Energy Independence for Utahans The American dream is one of comfort and sustainability. Most look forward to this at retirement; they work their whole lives to achieve this goal. […]

Why Solar Shingles Are A Bad Investment for Utah Homeowners

Facts About Solar Energy

Although a great idea, solar shingles are currently a bad investment for Utah homeowners. The main reasons why shingles aren’t your best option come down to price, durability, and installation. The Price of Solar Shingles Compared to a Panel Many are awe-inspired by the reduction in their carbon footprint that solar provides. Most, however, buy […]

5 Misconceptions About Utah Solar Systems

Utah Solar Systems

Don’t let Utah Solar misconceptions fool you. Being aware of the real value will save you money and provide a more rewarding solar experience. 5. All Utah Solar Warranties are Equal  Unfortunately, not everyone is there to help the customer. Not every panel has the same warranty coverage or length. Paying attention to your panel […]

8 Common Mistakes Your Utah Solar Installer Should Avoid

Utah Solar Install

Mishaps happen, but big Utah solar installers shouldn’t make certain mistakes. Getting solar through a company that you can trust will save you time and frustration, especially if you can find installers who avoid the following mistakes.    1. No Customer Contact Post-install After your system has been installed, your Utah solar company should have […]

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